Thursday, November 7, 2013


Today I am 6 years old. Boy, does time fly. I notice in these photos that there is some gray on my snout. I'm so happy to be here with you today to celebrate.

Since my Mommy had both of her knees replaced in 2011/2012 and spent some time in rehab facilities after each of them, she found out that there are people who really suffer. She was one of them. You can find suffering people in lots of places, but often in FACILITIES. After her ordeal in SNFs, she vowed to do something for the suffering people of the world or at least for those suffering in our town.

That has lead to me wearing my brand new vest. I am now a Therapy Dog. This is all very new and I had to go through a temperament test and some training. TODAY is my first day to go out to visit clients at a local facility for the mentally ill. I've heard that there are mainly young adults there. I can hardly wait to meet them. I feel like I have a new mission in life, not only to make my Mommy happy but to brighten up the lives of others who may be suffering. Now Mommy and I are a team and  our lives are all about giving love to those around us.

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Birthday is today...

Hello everyone. I know I haven't written on my blog lately. It's because my Mommy hasn't been feeling up to writing for me.

She had her right knee replaced on August 23rd. It has been really hard for her. She has been in pain for about two and a half months now. Luckily, the pain is not as severe as in the beginning, but still she has a ways to go before she is free of pain. She is stronger now, which is good.

Anyway, it's my birthday today. I turned 4 years old. Mommy loves me so much that she has been saying Happy Birthday to me almost all day long. She also gave me some salmon broth like stuff, that was in the can of salmon. I loved getting that. She has bought me a new jacket for the winter, that I will model for you one of these days.

In the meantime, know that I am being loved up by my Mom. She sits and ices her knee and snuggles with me. I kind of like it that she has slowed down some. She is home with me a little more often.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pugs of August Soiree Day...

Yippy! Finally it was August 20th today, the day of the Pugs of August Soiree. Whoopi! For any Pug, this is bigger than Christmas.

I knew this must be the day when Mom dressed me in my new dress. Here I am wearing it at home before we left.

Here's a close-up of the back of my dress.

Don't you think it's stunning? When I go outside it sparkles in the sunshine. I just love it!

The Pugs of August is put on by a very nice man, who is a Pug lover, named Craig. He lives in a house that has a huge backyard. A hundred or so Pugs show up for this shin dig.

Mom drove me and Auntie Arlene and Billy over to Craig's house. I got kind of scared as we headed for the gate to go in. There was a huge drain next to the road that spooked me out. So Mom carried me over to the gate and into the backyard.

I immediately was freed from my leash and began moving around, getting acquainted with all of the Pugs, some of whom I remembered from last year.

Pretty soon Mom saw Auntie Mary Ellen and Auntie Kim, so we all kind of hung out together. By the time we got there, most of the humans were already eating, so Mom took off to find herself some food. Here's a picture of some great Pug cupcakes, one of which Mom ate.

Here's a close-up.
Of course, I wanted to eat too. Luckily, Mom takes really good care of me. After she was done eating, she took me out to the car and gave me my dinner.

When we came back from the car, Mom snapped a few photos.

Here's Auntie Mary Ellen and Gucci.

Here I am getting some loving from Auntie Kim and another Pug owner.

Here's Auntie Arlene with Billy.

Here I am with Mom.

Pretty soon the contests began. Bubba, Gucci's brother, won for the heaviest Pug at 32 1/2 lbs. I think that most of that weight comes from his tongue. Here's his photo.

The same three Pugs from last year won for best costume. I have to admit, they deserved it. Here they are in their Atilla the Hun theme.

Gucci also entered for best costume. He looked mighty handsome, don't you think?

There was a contest for the best trick and a cute black Pug won that by playing dead, when her master shot her with her finger. That was the cutest thing I saw.

Then came the race. Auntie Arlene held me at one end of the race track and Mom was a the finish line. I was so excited to run toward Mom, that I was like a wild horse trying to get out of the gate at the Kentucky Derby or something like that. Soon I was off and running. You can maybe see me, kind of toward the back of the pack, in the sunlight, fourth from the right. You probably can recognize me by my tongue.

I didn't win, but boy was it fun to be in that race. I feel good that I finished the race, running over the finish line into Mom's arms. Last year, I wandered off the track somewhere and Mom had a hard time finding me.

Next we went down by the swimming pool. Only two Pugs swam in that race. One of them swam straight to the finish line, and Zoey, a very small Pug, swam around in circles, until finally she saw her Mom and swam over to her and was helped out of the pool. Craig, being the great guy that he is, called the race as a tie and both Pugs got a squeaky toy.

After all of that I was pooped and also spooked by the swimming pool. I plopped down on the ground and wouldn't walk to the gate so we could leave. Mom had to pick me up and carry me out to the car.

Right now, I'm sound asleep, while Mom is writing my blog. I'm dreaming about the wonderful day that I had today and looking forward to next August. I'd better get busy and decide what I'm going wear!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Pugs of August Soiree coming soon...

So I'm starting to think about "The Pugs of August" soiree. This year it is on August 20th. A very nice man in Hillsbourgh invites all the Pugs and Pug owners he can think of to visit with each other at his house, in his huge backyard. It's the most fun that any Pug can imagine. There are usually about 100 pugs at this bash.

The reason I have to think ahead about this is that there are contests and fashion shows at the Pugs of August. Last year was the first year that I attended this celebration.
I only wore a pink ribbon on my harness. This year I want to dress up. I really don't know any tricks, and I didn't do very well in the race last year. My Mom had trouble finding me after the race. I don't think that I ran in a straight line either. As far as swimming goes, there's no way I'm jumping into that swimming pool. So it's important that I look good. After all, looking good goes a long way when a Pug like me doesn't really have much talent.

I'm more of a party animal anyway and I'm interested in socializing with the other Pugs and Pug owners and having fun. Those contests are just too stressful for me. Yet, it might be fun to join in the fashion show, just for fun.

These three Pug kings won first place in the fashion show last year.

So Mommy said she is going to look into making me an outfit to wear to the soiree, maybe a princess outfit or something like that. I like the idea of looking pretty!

So stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gifts from Mommy...

Mommy sent for this cute vest from

My vest is from the vegetable collection and is a radish!

Here are some more great photos of me. I am so happy in my new vest!

Here I am in my new vest AND my new toy. My Mommy is so good to me. I'm a happy pug.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Mom...

Here are some photos of me at the Dog Park. The man in the photos is Christian. All the dogs just LOVE him. He makes me swoon. He talks to me very softly and wrestles around with me....

I really love to go to the Dog Park. I like to pace around with my fellow dogs and, of course, there's nothing like sniffing around.

On this day, I totally surprised my Mom. I got into a fight with a min pin named Jasmine, who was trying to get something out of my mouth, that I pick up off the ground. Boy, did I ever get angry, and we both got to biting at each other. My Mom, who protects me from getting hurt, immediately picked me up and stopped the fight.

She had never seen me fight like that. She was so shocked to find out that I would do that. She keeps forgetting that I'm really a dog. For some reason, she thinks I'm more than a dog. Guess I become more of a dog, when I'm with my canine friends.

Mom has also been changing the way she feeds me. She read something by a man called the Dog Whisperer, whoever he is. Anyway, now she tells me to sit, and then I have to look into her eyes before she will feed me. Imagine that! I am catching on pretty quickly, and I'm feeling really smart, but still, I have those times when I don't want to sit. She then doesn't feed me, so eventually, I have to sit. I guess she is the Alpha person.

I'm feeling really happy. We had some nice sunny days, that I loved, but today was very cool and there may be rain tomorrow on Mother's Day. I'm going to try to give my Mom a day when I mind her at her first command, so she doesn't have to say, "sit, Bella sit, sit Bella.... Not sure I'll be able to give that to her, but I'll give it a try.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hello everyone. Here I am in my new Easy Walk harness. It seems to be making walking easier, and since it arrived on Wednesday, Mommy has been taking me out on POWER WALKS.

Now, I do like to walk, but these POWER WALKS are different. It used to be that Mom would kind of stroll along with me, and I'd have plenty of opportunity to pick up cigarette butts and other stuff off of the ground. I also could sniff at anything any time I wanted. But it's different now that I'm going on these POWER WALKS.

An example was this morning. Mommy first walked me slowly, where she usually walks me when I do my duty. It was first thing in the morning, so that's what I did. Then she kind of picked up speed and had me walk right next to her. She kept telling me what a "good girl" I was. I liked hearing that. Can you believe it? These POWER WALKS last for 30 minutes.

We've only gone on two POWER WALKS so far. Mom says that she wants us to walk about every other day. Well, you know, I've got to say, that I'm kind of liking them. I get a bit tuckered out, but it feels kind of good having my little legs moving along like the big dogs. I'm really pretty good at this. And, you know, some people say that Pugs can't learn to walk on a leash! Boy, they don't know what they are talking about.

Ever so often on these walks, I try to get Mom to stop, so I can sniff something, but she says that this is our practice time and there's no stopping during practice time. So I guess that's that.

Anyway, I'm happy with my new harness and so is Mom. Here's a standing photo of me with my harness on.

You can probably tell that I still don't like to get my picture taken.

On another subject. According to Mom, tomorrow is a special day called Easter. She said that it is a time to celebrate Spring and rebirth. I've noticed some flowers are blooming and the grass is nice and green. Guess, that's what she means by rebirth. Lots of living things are blossoming at this time of the year.

She also said that there is a story that lots of people will be telling tomorrow, about a man named Jesus. She said that he had the courage to let go of his earthly ego mind and resurrect his mind into Christ consciousness, which gave him the awareness of the reality of eternal LIFE. He then became known as Jesus the Christ. She said that by moving ones mind away from the ego world and into the Spiritual world, one becomes unconditional LOVE, the Christ, the Enlightened One. She said that having the awareness of the reality of eternal life sets us FREE. Now, I'd say that that's something to celebrate.

I'm thinking that maybe dogs already know this stuff and that they are already unconditional LOVE. Don't you agree?

Mom and I are going to celebrate Easter together. All of our family will be elsewhere. Mom will probably go to her church to celebrate, and when she gets home, maybe she will take me to the Dog Park so I can celebrate Easter. I sure would like that. Guess, I'll have to wait and see what happens.

Anyway, I'm a happy Pug. I have a brand new harness and can go on POWER WALKS, and now I know that I am FREE. There's lots to be grateful for this Spring.