Monday, November 7, 2011

My Birthday is today...

Hello everyone. I know I haven't written on my blog lately. It's because my Mommy hasn't been feeling up to writing for me.

She had her right knee replaced on August 23rd. It has been really hard for her. She has been in pain for about two and a half months now. Luckily, the pain is not as severe as in the beginning, but still she has a ways to go before she is free of pain. She is stronger now, which is good.

Anyway, it's my birthday today. I turned 4 years old. Mommy loves me so much that she has been saying Happy Birthday to me almost all day long. She also gave me some salmon broth like stuff, that was in the can of salmon. I loved getting that. She has bought me a new jacket for the winter, that I will model for you one of these days.

In the meantime, know that I am being loved up by my Mom. She sits and ices her knee and snuggles with me. I kind of like it that she has slowed down some. She is home with me a little more often.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pugs of August Soiree Day...

Yippy! Finally it was August 20th today, the day of the Pugs of August Soiree. Whoopi! For any Pug, this is bigger than Christmas.

I knew this must be the day when Mom dressed me in my new dress. Here I am wearing it at home before we left.

Here's a close-up of the back of my dress.

Don't you think it's stunning? When I go outside it sparkles in the sunshine. I just love it!

The Pugs of August is put on by a very nice man, who is a Pug lover, named Craig. He lives in a house that has a huge backyard. A hundred or so Pugs show up for this shin dig.

Mom drove me and Auntie Arlene and Billy over to Craig's house. I got kind of scared as we headed for the gate to go in. There was a huge drain next to the road that spooked me out. So Mom carried me over to the gate and into the backyard.

I immediately was freed from my leash and began moving around, getting acquainted with all of the Pugs, some of whom I remembered from last year.

Pretty soon Mom saw Auntie Mary Ellen and Auntie Kim, so we all kind of hung out together. By the time we got there, most of the humans were already eating, so Mom took off to find herself some food. Here's a picture of some great Pug cupcakes, one of which Mom ate.

Here's a close-up.
Of course, I wanted to eat too. Luckily, Mom takes really good care of me. After she was done eating, she took me out to the car and gave me my dinner.

When we came back from the car, Mom snapped a few photos.

Here's Auntie Mary Ellen and Gucci.

Here I am getting some loving from Auntie Kim and another Pug owner.

Here's Auntie Arlene with Billy.

Here I am with Mom.

Pretty soon the contests began. Bubba, Gucci's brother, won for the heaviest Pug at 32 1/2 lbs. I think that most of that weight comes from his tongue. Here's his photo.

The same three Pugs from last year won for best costume. I have to admit, they deserved it. Here they are in their Atilla the Hun theme.

Gucci also entered for best costume. He looked mighty handsome, don't you think?

There was a contest for the best trick and a cute black Pug won that by playing dead, when her master shot her with her finger. That was the cutest thing I saw.

Then came the race. Auntie Arlene held me at one end of the race track and Mom was a the finish line. I was so excited to run toward Mom, that I was like a wild horse trying to get out of the gate at the Kentucky Derby or something like that. Soon I was off and running. You can maybe see me, kind of toward the back of the pack, in the sunlight, fourth from the right. You probably can recognize me by my tongue.

I didn't win, but boy was it fun to be in that race. I feel good that I finished the race, running over the finish line into Mom's arms. Last year, I wandered off the track somewhere and Mom had a hard time finding me.

Next we went down by the swimming pool. Only two Pugs swam in that race. One of them swam straight to the finish line, and Zoey, a very small Pug, swam around in circles, until finally she saw her Mom and swam over to her and was helped out of the pool. Craig, being the great guy that he is, called the race as a tie and both Pugs got a squeaky toy.

After all of that I was pooped and also spooked by the swimming pool. I plopped down on the ground and wouldn't walk to the gate so we could leave. Mom had to pick me up and carry me out to the car.

Right now, I'm sound asleep, while Mom is writing my blog. I'm dreaming about the wonderful day that I had today and looking forward to next August. I'd better get busy and decide what I'm going wear!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Pugs of August Soiree coming soon...

So I'm starting to think about "The Pugs of August" soiree. This year it is on August 20th. A very nice man in Hillsbourgh invites all the Pugs and Pug owners he can think of to visit with each other at his house, in his huge backyard. It's the most fun that any Pug can imagine. There are usually about 100 pugs at this bash.

The reason I have to think ahead about this is that there are contests and fashion shows at the Pugs of August. Last year was the first year that I attended this celebration.
I only wore a pink ribbon on my harness. This year I want to dress up. I really don't know any tricks, and I didn't do very well in the race last year. My Mom had trouble finding me after the race. I don't think that I ran in a straight line either. As far as swimming goes, there's no way I'm jumping into that swimming pool. So it's important that I look good. After all, looking good goes a long way when a Pug like me doesn't really have much talent.

I'm more of a party animal anyway and I'm interested in socializing with the other Pugs and Pug owners and having fun. Those contests are just too stressful for me. Yet, it might be fun to join in the fashion show, just for fun.

These three Pug kings won first place in the fashion show last year.

So Mommy said she is going to look into making me an outfit to wear to the soiree, maybe a princess outfit or something like that. I like the idea of looking pretty!

So stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gifts from Mommy...

Mommy sent for this cute vest from

My vest is from the vegetable collection and is a radish!

Here are some more great photos of me. I am so happy in my new vest!

Here I am in my new vest AND my new toy. My Mommy is so good to me. I'm a happy pug.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Mom...

Here are some photos of me at the Dog Park. The man in the photos is Christian. All the dogs just LOVE him. He makes me swoon. He talks to me very softly and wrestles around with me....

I really love to go to the Dog Park. I like to pace around with my fellow dogs and, of course, there's nothing like sniffing around.

On this day, I totally surprised my Mom. I got into a fight with a min pin named Jasmine, who was trying to get something out of my mouth, that I pick up off the ground. Boy, did I ever get angry, and we both got to biting at each other. My Mom, who protects me from getting hurt, immediately picked me up and stopped the fight.

She had never seen me fight like that. She was so shocked to find out that I would do that. She keeps forgetting that I'm really a dog. For some reason, she thinks I'm more than a dog. Guess I become more of a dog, when I'm with my canine friends.

Mom has also been changing the way she feeds me. She read something by a man called the Dog Whisperer, whoever he is. Anyway, now she tells me to sit, and then I have to look into her eyes before she will feed me. Imagine that! I am catching on pretty quickly, and I'm feeling really smart, but still, I have those times when I don't want to sit. She then doesn't feed me, so eventually, I have to sit. I guess she is the Alpha person.

I'm feeling really happy. We had some nice sunny days, that I loved, but today was very cool and there may be rain tomorrow on Mother's Day. I'm going to try to give my Mom a day when I mind her at her first command, so she doesn't have to say, "sit, Bella sit, sit Bella.... Not sure I'll be able to give that to her, but I'll give it a try.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hello everyone. Here I am in my new Easy Walk harness. It seems to be making walking easier, and since it arrived on Wednesday, Mommy has been taking me out on POWER WALKS.

Now, I do like to walk, but these POWER WALKS are different. It used to be that Mom would kind of stroll along with me, and I'd have plenty of opportunity to pick up cigarette butts and other stuff off of the ground. I also could sniff at anything any time I wanted. But it's different now that I'm going on these POWER WALKS.

An example was this morning. Mommy first walked me slowly, where she usually walks me when I do my duty. It was first thing in the morning, so that's what I did. Then she kind of picked up speed and had me walk right next to her. She kept telling me what a "good girl" I was. I liked hearing that. Can you believe it? These POWER WALKS last for 30 minutes.

We've only gone on two POWER WALKS so far. Mom says that she wants us to walk about every other day. Well, you know, I've got to say, that I'm kind of liking them. I get a bit tuckered out, but it feels kind of good having my little legs moving along like the big dogs. I'm really pretty good at this. And, you know, some people say that Pugs can't learn to walk on a leash! Boy, they don't know what they are talking about.

Ever so often on these walks, I try to get Mom to stop, so I can sniff something, but she says that this is our practice time and there's no stopping during practice time. So I guess that's that.

Anyway, I'm happy with my new harness and so is Mom. Here's a standing photo of me with my harness on.

You can probably tell that I still don't like to get my picture taken.

On another subject. According to Mom, tomorrow is a special day called Easter. She said that it is a time to celebrate Spring and rebirth. I've noticed some flowers are blooming and the grass is nice and green. Guess, that's what she means by rebirth. Lots of living things are blossoming at this time of the year.

She also said that there is a story that lots of people will be telling tomorrow, about a man named Jesus. She said that he had the courage to let go of his earthly ego mind and resurrect his mind into Christ consciousness, which gave him the awareness of the reality of eternal LIFE. He then became known as Jesus the Christ. She said that by moving ones mind away from the ego world and into the Spiritual world, one becomes unconditional LOVE, the Christ, the Enlightened One. She said that having the awareness of the reality of eternal life sets us FREE. Now, I'd say that that's something to celebrate.

I'm thinking that maybe dogs already know this stuff and that they are already unconditional LOVE. Don't you agree?

Mom and I are going to celebrate Easter together. All of our family will be elsewhere. Mom will probably go to her church to celebrate, and when she gets home, maybe she will take me to the Dog Park so I can celebrate Easter. I sure would like that. Guess, I'll have to wait and see what happens.

Anyway, I'm a happy Pug. I have a brand new harness and can go on POWER WALKS, and now I know that I am FREE. There's lots to be grateful for this Spring.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Houdini escape...

Hello all of my dear friends. Tuni, I want to thank you for reminding my Mommy about the Easy Walk harness. She had looked at it in the past, but couldn't find the right size in the pet stores. So let me tell you all what has happened.

On about the third day that I wore the SCARY collar, I managed to wiggle my way out of it. This is one of my talents, escaping out of collars. My small head helps me to be good at escaping. I'm kind of like that Harry Houdini guy of long ago.

Look at how tied up he is in these photos. That's about how I felt when I was wearing that training collar. It was more like his Chinese water torture cell, that he would escape from. He also learned how to escape from strait jackets. I know that if I had known him, he could have taught me how to do all of that. After all, I'm a natural in escaping from collars.

So anyway, Mom did some soul searching. She admitted to me that she really didn't like to use that SCARY collar. So she returned it to the pet shop. Then off we went to Petsmart.

They had a really cute PINK Easy Walk harness, that I wanted, but it only came in Small, Medium or Large. Small was too small and Medium was too big. As it turns out, I'm a tween size, small/medium.

You know, my Mom is so smart. I just love the way she does research to find things. She got on that computer and searched and searched. She found a RED Easy Walk harness in small/medium, that she has ordered from Amazon. Here's a photo.

Turns out, Amazon didn't have a PINK one. I had kind of wanted a PINK harness, because then it would match my tongue. I look good in PINK. Of course, I look good in RED too, so I think I will be happy with my new harness.

I'm such a lucky Pug. By using my Houdini escape talents, I managed to let my Mommy know that that SCARY collar wasn't going go work for me. I'm also lucky to have my friends, whose comments caused my Mommy to pause and open her eyes to an alternative way of teaching me how to walk on a leash.

Again, I am a happy Pug.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From fighting each other to harmony...

Okay, now look at this photo. Isn't that the scariest thing you have ever seen? I first saw it at the pet store, where they sell all kinds of fun things for dogs like me. They sell balls and squeaky toys, in all kinds of colors. They sell beautiful collars and harnesses and leashes. They even sell dog food and, most of all, they sell TREATS. But do you think that my Mom got me any of those wonderful things? No siree. She got me that thing that's in the picture.

Earlier in the day, she had had a talk with me. She seemed kind of upset, as she explained that she had to do something about the way I walked on a leash. She said that the harnesses, she had bought for me, just were not working. She said that I still kept pulling on my leash and yanking on her arm. She told me that she was just plain tired of me walking her, instead of her walking me.

Now grant you, I enjoy having power over my Mom. I love it, when I see another dog and start running, as I'm walking on my leash, and end up yanking on my Mom's arm. It also feels good, when I see another human and am so excited to get a pat on the head or a cuddle, that I take off toward that human, catching my Mom off guard and pulling her behind me. BUT, deep down, I know that I'm a DOG and that I would be happier if she were my ALPHA DOG.

So while we were in the pet store, Mom explained that she wanted to try this training collar, to see if it might help me get used to her pace, when we are walking, instead of her having to get used to mine. I know that Mom loves me and wants the best for me, but still, that training collar looked really menacing to me. It looked like I could really get hurt wearing that.

Mom reassured me that she would make sure that I didn't get hurt. She said she would just lightly tug on the collar, whenever I started walking too fast or lagging behind or starting to chase another dog or trying to run over to another human. She told me that she wants to be able to take me more places and to walk me at some parks, where there are lots of people and other dogs. She said she didn't want it to feel like we were fighting each other. Instead, she said she would like to see us walking in HARMONY.

I had to admit to myself, and I showed her in my eyes, that I really didn't know how to do that walking in HARMONY stuff. I felt bad that at three years old, I still didn't know how to walk on a leash, the way I had often seen other dogs walking. So I gazed into her eyes, and in so doing, I let her know that I was ready to LEARN.

After we got home, I reluctantly let her put the training collar around my neck. It felt really heavy, and I immediately felt less powerful. Yet I felt trusting of my dear Mom.

I have worn the collar for two days now. I really am noticing that, when Mom wants to take me in a certain direction, she just gives the collar a little tug, and boy do I move, lickety split in that direction. I'm also walking slower, at her pace. She quickly pulls me away from things on the ground, that I see as food, but that she sees as things that may make me sick.

So anyway, I'm starting to see myself as a real DOG, not more than a DOG, nor less than a DOG. I realize that I'm not the ALPHA DOG. It's kind of a relief. It's like surrendering to a Power greater than myself, a Power who loves and takes care of me. I'm so grateful for my Mom, who is now taking more responsibility for teaching me how to be a well mannered dog. I know that, in the long run, living in HARMONY with her will bring me more happiness, than when I was living in the illusion of being the ALPHA DOG.
I want to thank all of you Pugs and Humans and that Poodle, who have commented on my blog. Your kind comments have warmed my little Puggy heart. Thanks to DW, Susan, Wilma, Tiffy, Little Janie Pug, Josie Poodle, Minnie Moo, Molly, Tweedles, Camille, Chewy, Sequoia, Petunia, Sabrina and Puglet. I also want to thank those who are following my blog. I am happy that my voice is being heard!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I visited the BOYS...

So, tonight I've been cuddling with Mommy. I think you can see in my eyes how much I love her, and I know she loves me. She tells me so. We are good for each other.

Well, after all of the rain finally stopped, Mom and I went up into the mountains to see the three BOYS! What a ball I had playing with them, wrestling with them and cuddling with them. They are just the BEST. That's for sure, yes siree.

Here's a photo of the two older BOYS playing with their X-Box. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but they sure do like to play with it. I kept hearing them laughing and hooting and howlering. They were really whooping it up and having a good ole time.
If you look closely, you can see the snow outside. There were patches of snow everywhere, but I didn't care. I actually liked it. I walked right in it. No problem! Guess, I've out grown my fear of snow.
Here's the youngest boy playing with his Legos. He can build all kinds of things with those little plastic squares. I kept nosing around on the floor and finding them in all the nooks and crannies of the room. I'm a natural hunter, you know. Pugs can hunt just like those Beagles and Pointers. Yes, we can.

Lately, Mom has been taking me to the Dog Park, and then after that, we've been going over to the school next to the park. There is a track there, where school kids do running or something, and a bunch of grass in the middle of it. Anyway, I love to go over there and run like the wind. It's so much fun. Mom walks around the track, and the best part is that she brings treats for me. When I head for the gate that has a huge gap at the bottom, that I keep wanting to go through, she calls me and yells "TREATS." Boy, do I come running back to her in no time. I LOVE those treats.

I run so fast that I get pretty winded and my tongue nearly drags on the ground. When that happens, Mom takes me over to the drinking fountain, that's for humans. She turns some kind of knob or something and lots of water comes out. She holds me up and I drink and drink. I get soooo thirsty when I run. Then after we get home, I just flop down and fall asleep. I'm a goner for the rest of the day.

I'm such a happy Pug. I have BOYS in my life and a Mommy, who takes REALLY good care of me. I'm living the good life!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Raining AGAIN?...

Okay, so I was supposed to be out of town this weekend. Mom and I had plans. But, guess what? The weather didn't cooperate. It's been raining AGAIN most of today.

Mom had gotten everything ready. She had put my crate in the front seat of the car, next to her. She had put gas in the car. She had given me a bath, gotten my nails clipped and, believe it or not, she had bought me a new sweater to wear on our trip. Here I am posing in my sweater.
Here's kind of a glamor shot.
So you might be wondering where we were going to go. Well, it's in the mountains. No that's not right. It's in what is called the foothills, but they have snow there, like in the mountains. That's what confuses me. It's on the way to the mountains. Last time we were there, I refused to walk down some snowy stairs, and Mom had to carry me down to the car.

I just don't like walking on snow. It's bad enough that I'm having to deal with all of this rain. I find it really hard to find a spot to pee. I don't like getting my feet wet, either. Although, I must say that I'm getting used to it, now that we have had so many days of rain. Now, I sometimes walk in the puddles on purpose. It's kind of fun. I like the sound of the splash and the feel of the water spattering up under my belly. Maybe I have some Lab in me. Do you think?

So, I was so disappointed that we couldn't go. I love going up there and seeing THE BOYS. There are three of them, and they just love me to pieces. They seem to always want to hold me and wrestle with me and take me for walks. The BOYS are age 13, 11 and almost 9. They seem to be the best age for liking dogs, especially a Pug like me.

The good news is that I'm going to see them and their Mom next weekend. Mom says the rain is going away and the sun will be coming out on the day after tomorrow. That means rain again tomorrow. Whew! It's always been hard for me to wait for things, so this is not going to be easy. I can hardly wait to see THE BOYS and their Mom too. I follow her all over the house, when I'm there.

Guess Mom talked to her and she said she had three hours of shoveling to do in their driveway, from all of the snow they have had. She also said that the electricity had been out on and off for several days. Boy, she and THE BOYS must be really strong, living up there with all the weather they get. Yet, they all go down hills on these board like things, Mom calls them skis, and play in the snow. I wonder if I can get used to snow, like I'm getting used to rain. Hmmmm.

So anyway, Mom and I have been cooped up in the house today. She has been crocheting and creating art. I've been mainly sleeping by the heater vent. Here I am near the vent, with my sweater on. It's nice to be WARM.
So, that's about it from my neck of the woods. I'm a happy Pug. I have a trip that I'm going on soon, and Mommy loves me so much that she bought me a new sweater. I love being a Pug.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It was a tail wagging day...

Hello Everybody - Boy, have I had a tail wagging day today. Let me tell you all about it.

It all started because it's been so cold and rainy outside. So, night before last, when I got scared by the shadow of the chair against the closet door, I couldn't stop barking. Mommy kept telling me to stop, but I couldn't. After all, it's my duty to guard this house that we are living in. Who else is here to do it? She finally opened the closet door and the shadow disappeared, like a ghost or something. So finally, I was able to calm down. I think I got over excited because I've been spending too much time cooped up in this house.

Last night, it was still cold, but light outside, and Mom and I took a ride in the car. That was fun until she got out of the car and left me. She went into some big building called Costco. Man, that just scares me to death, when she leaves me. I barked and whined and pawed at her, so much so, that she could hardly get out of the car. I don't see me ever getting over that habit. Still, I felt happy getting out of the house.

So today, Mom must have thought that I really needed to get out and run around. The weather was a bit warmer and there was no rain, so we went to the dog park. That is my absolute favorite place to go. There are tons of human dog lovers there, who pick me up and pet me, to the point that I get so excited and happy, I almost wiggle out of my skin!

I also had a ball with all of the dogs that were there. Normally, there are just small dogs on my side of the park, but today there were some big ones. I like big dogs. There's something very exciting about running behind a big dog. So I ran and ran. Then my other Pug friends showed up, Gucci and Fabio. I loooove Gucci's Mom. She always brings treats, and even though I am watching my figure, Mom lets her give me some small treats. It's not like I get treats every day or anything.

The ground was damp, and I loved getting dirt all over my feet and, of course, on my face and tongue. When I smell along the ground, my tongue just drags along behind my nose. The big dogs dug some holes, and I had a blast sniffing in those holes.

Mom hangs out with the humans at the park. They seem to talk and talk. She says they are a nice bunch of people, those dog lovers. She seems to become more and more relaxed, as we spend time there.

Pretty soon, I was all pooped out after running with those big dogs. They have such long legs. Anyway, I finally just sat down next to Mom, who was standing. She says, "are you ready to go home. I guess if you are sitting down, it's time for us to go home," and off we went, with Mom waving goodbye to all of those friendly dog lovers.

After we got home, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I ended up falling asleep near the heater vent. That's my favorite place on a cold night. Then all of a sudden, Mom gets up from her computer. She picks me up and heads for the bathroom. That can only mean one thing, she is going to give me a bath. She plopped me into the huge white thing, that she calls the tub. Then she jumps in with me. She lathered me up, with all kinds of sweet smelling bubbly stuff. Boy, did that feel good. She rubs and rubs me. It's like I'm getting a professional massage.

After I got out of the tub, I felt like playing. Mom can kind of tell when I want to play. I start running around. She threw a toy for me that makes a squeaky sound. That always gets to me. I began running like crazy back and forth and all around. She calls that my "Pug Run." She laughs and laughs and claps her hands, which just gets me going even more. Pretty soon, I'm standing there panting and panting. I can hardly believe I ran so fast. She throws the toy again, and I'm so pooped that I just look at the toy across the room, but I can't seem to get my legs to move. So I just plop down on the floor to rest. Boy that was fun, and now I'm ready to sleep.

So you see, it was a tail wagging day, alright. I got to go to the dog park and get a bath in the same day. I'm such happy Pug. Yes, siree, I am.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Basic instinct....

You might remember that when Mommy and I visited the Family, there was a foster dog named Pumpkin, who was there. She is a golden Labrador. While we were there, she was adopted by another family, which made me feel very happy. Well, as it turned out, the other family decided not to keep Pumpkin, so she came back to the Family's house.

Then what happened was, that while the Family was out last Saturday night, Pumpkin broke down the barrier to the upstairs and made her way into the bedrooms. Each of the girls in the Family have pet rats. Pumpkin broke into their cages and killed them and then ate them. It's hard to believe, I know, but that's what happened. Mom says that there was lots of blood left behind. Yuk!

Hearing about this has made me feel so sad. I know how it is to be a dog. I get really hungry sometimes, even if I've just had some food. I don't know why that happens, but it does. Food means so much to me. I know that my Labrador friends love to hunt. They can sniff out almost any animal. It's their basic instinct. Lots of humans like this about Labradors. So I'm thinking Pumpkin was just being a Labrador, just like I'm being a Pug.

Needless to say, this was very upsetting for the Family. The youngest girl had the hardest time. She stayed home from school until last Tuesday and couldn't sleep alone for a few nights. Mom says that when children love their pets, it's very scary for them, when something happens to them. She says she knows because she has had first hand experience, from when she was a little girl.

The Family has decided not to foster any more dogs. Still, I know how much some of my fellow dogs need foster homes, and Mommy says she doesn't think that these kind of things happen very often. So, I hope you dog lovers out there don't let this story interfere with your fostering a dog that is waiting for a forever home.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gadding about town...

So yesterday, Mom and I went together to the Farmer's Market. The market wouldn't let me in, because I'm a dog. Can you imagine that? Talk about discrimination. So anyway, Mom left me in the car, while she went around to the booths and bought some vegetables and fruit. Then she came back to the car and got me.

Sometimes I don't know what to expect from her. She seems to always catch me off guard. This time she put me in this contraption, that looks kind of like a space ship or something like that. Who'd have thought anything like that would ever happen. Anyway, the good part was that she pushed me around in it and bought some chicken on a skewer. She sat down at a table, and we listened to some really nice music. The surprise was that she shared some chicken with me. She is such a sweetheart, sharing with me. She never gives me any human food at home, but I guess because we were outside in the sunshine and the music was playing. It must have softened her heart or something.

Here's a photo of me in this new contraption. I think Mom called it "CART." I'm not really sure if she was telling me it's name or what it is. I'm thinking she meant it's name.
It made me feel kind of nervous, sitting in CART. So at first, I tried to get out of it.
Mom had strapped her bag over CART'S handle, and here I am trying to look at her over the top of it.
Here I am receiving some lovin' from a really nice girl, who seemed to love Pugs.

After we were done eating that scrumptious chicken, Mom took me over to the library, which was just across the street, so I could play in the grass. I really like grass, and this grass was so nice and long. Rolling in it sent me into ecstasy.

There was a beautiful magnolia tree there too. Mom got a nice shot of me standing under the tree.
After that, Mom put me back into CART, and we walked around town for awhile. I have to admit, I like CART. I'm thinking that we could become buddies. As I moved along in it, I felt safer and safer and found myself looking around at all of the people and other dogs and flowers and everything.

Then since that all turned out so well, today Mom took me to a store, and I rode in CART, and got to look at all of the stuff in the store. Mom was looking for some yarn, that she didn't find, but we still had fun. She says that now that I'm getting used to CART, she will take me more places, maybe even into a Mall. Boy, would that be something. I get super scared of walking on shiny floors in strange places, so maybe CART is the answer. I also don't like to be left at home alone so much or in the car. I'm really the kind of Pug that likes to gad about town, if you know what I mean.