Saturday, February 26, 2011

An unexpected surprise...

The strangest thing happened today. I could hardly believe it.

My Mom went out to the store this afternoon, and when she got back home, she started to fry BACON. Can you believe it? I was shocked. Since I have lived with her, I have never, I say NEVER, seen her fry bacon. I really couldn't figure out what was going on. Here's a photo of the bacon.

I tried like crazy to get up onto the counter and wrap my mouth around some pieces of that bacon, but I was just not tall enough. Now, my brother Jim, has a beagle named, Lucy. You wouldn't believe how clever she is. She has been known to jump up onto the counter and eat butter, if there is nothing better to eat. I need to take some lessons from Lucy.

Anyway, my Mom then took out her food processor and, along with the bacon, she put some other ingredients in that. Then I suddenly remembered. Mom had promised me that she would get the ingredients she needed to make some cookies from the Bubba Rose cookie book. That's what she was doing.

Boy am I lucky. I can always count on Mom to do what she says she is going to do. Not all humans are like that. There are some out there who lie and say they are going to do something, and then they don't. I'm so happy to have my Mommy.

So, pretty soon she had a pile of dough in her food processor.

Then she used a rolling pin and rolled out the dough.

She cut the dough up, and it looked like this. She had used her Mother's old biscuit cutter and then cut each piece into fours.

Here they are after they came out of the oven.

Then after a little while, my Mom asked me if I wanted a treat. A TREAT! Can you imagine? I sat very nicely, and she put the cookie treat into my mouth. WOW! YUM, YUM! Did that ever taste good. Then I couldn't seem to help it, but I wanted more. I begged a little. She didn't give me more right away, but pretty soon she asked me to "sit" and gave me another scrumptious cookie.

Here I am after finishing my second cookie. I was looking around in my blanket to see if I left any crumbs there, when Mom called my name, and, as I looked up, she snapped this photo.

Boy, is life good, when a surprise like this comes along. I never dreamed in a million years, that Mom would take the time to bake me some cookie treats. That shows me, that I can never know ahead of time, when someone is going to do a kindness toward me. Maybe that's a good thing. The surprise felt really good.

So for all of you out there, who might want to have your Moms bake you a cookie treat, this one is called "grilled cheese with bacon." It's on Page 70, in the "Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook," by Bubba Rose. Here's a little summary of the recipe:

1c. oat flour, 1c. brown rice flour, 1/2 c. shredded cheddar cheese, 6 slices of bacon, 1 egg and 1/2 c. water. The pictures my Mom took kind of tell you how to mix everything together. Then bake the cookies at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Mom actually doubled the recipe, since she had twelve slices of bacon in the package she bought at the store. Because I'm a small Pug and won't be eating a lot of these cookies at once, they will probably last awhile. She has put them in the refrigerator and can freeze them, if she needs to.

So again, I'm a happy Pug. My Mom keeps her word and loves me enough to cook for me.
What more could a Pug ask for?

Friday, February 25, 2011

I've got my Love to keep me warm...

So there's still talk about SNOW at sea level, here in the Bay Area. Last time that happened was in 1976. It's kind of hard for me to believe it will happen, because it was sunny all afternoon. There was some rain in the morning, but that was it. Tonight is supposed to be very cold, but I don't know if there will be SNOW. I plan on getting up early tomorrow morning, just so I can see if there is SNOW on the ground.

Today, Mom busily brought in all of her plants, that she has on our deck. She watered each of them and set them around on the kitchen counter. No way is she going to let Jack Frost hurt her plants. I can't help but wonder about all of the wild animals outside, if they will be able to find a warm place to stay through the night. I saw a squirrel today running across our driveway. I tried to catch it, but my leash stopped me in my tracks. Maybe that's why Mom makes sure I'm on a leash, when we are outside, so I can't chase those little squirrels. Actually, I don't know what I would do with a squirrel, if I caught one.

My ways of staying warm include laying on Mom, either when she is in a chair or when she is in bed. That's my absolutely favorite way to stay warm. The second way I stay warm is to sit by the heater vent, and then the third way is to sleep on one of my warm blankets.

Here I am starting to go to sleep on Mom. I love it when she wears her heavy sweater, and I can snuggle up to her and feel the warmth of her sweater and the warmth of her body. I could lay there forever.

Unfortunately, Mom keeps getting up and down from her chair. I can't understand why humans keep so busy doing things. Aren't they human "beings," instead of humans doing?

Here I am sitting by the heater vent. I've noticed that I get very sleepy, when I sit by the vent, and when I get sleepy, my tongue seems to hang farther out of my mouth, than usual. You probably can see that too. I'm not sure why that happens. Maybe it's because I'm so relaxed, that my tongue just relaxes its way out of my mouth. Do you think?

Anyway, I'm happy that on this cold winter's night, I will be in bed with my Mommy, snuggling and staying warm. She says that she is happy too, because I help to keep her warm. She calls me her little "hot water bottle." Don't you just love that?

I have been told that Pugs came from the Far East and that they were bred to keep the people of Royalty warm. Guess I'm true to my ancestry. I'm so glad that I'm a useful Pug, on top of being so darn cute and loving. Guess you can tell that being a Pug means that I have a good opinion of myself. I'm sure the rest of you Pugs out there know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, hope you are all warm and cozy on this cold night. I'm grateful that "I've got my love to keep me warm," and my "love" is my Mommy.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm a happy Pug...

So, it's been a couple of days since I last talked to you. Mom and I have had some wonderful things happening, that I want to tell you about.

First off, here is a hat that my Mom just finished knitting. She started it a couple of days ago, but now with the weather forecast talking about SNOW in the Bay Area, I think she has finished it just in the nick of time. Here's a photo.
As a matter of fact, I can see that she is wearing her hat right now, while she is typing up my post. You know, I think she likes it!

Yesterday was quite a day. After Mom got home from her qi gong practice, she hurried me out the door and into the car. I assumed I was going to the Dog Park, but it didn't turn out that way.

As I jumped out of our car, I saw Mildred and realized that I was at her house for tea. Well, my Mom was there for tea, and I was there for a play date! What fun it was to run in the grass in Mildred's backyard, all green and soft. We romped around for quite some time, and then after Mom went into the house with Mildred's Mom, I soon followed. Here's a photo of Mildred.
As you can see, she is a fluffy white dog. She had some really neat toys that I played with. The two Moms talked and talked as Moms do.

Then, when we got home, there was a surprise in the mailbox. It wasn't for me, but it was for Mom. It was a book that she had sent for on Amazon. Isn't it strange that humans order books, where there is a big, long river? I don't get it.

Anyway, she read the book last night and really liked it. In the book, there are groups of stories, that included one about a horse, that she especially liked. Here's a photo of the book. If you think that your Mom would like to buy this book, just click on the photo.

Then today, after Mom got home from her qi gong class, she walked into the house with a HUGE box. At least it looked HUGE to me. She showed it to me, and I saw that it was addressed to me. I got so excited. It was from Puglet. You may remember that I won the Bubba Rose cookie cookbook for dogs on his blog. Here is a photo of the cover of the cookbook.

When I looked inside of the box, along with the cookbook, I saw a card from Puglet. His picture makes me swoon. He is such a handsome Pug, and he had such sweet words to say to me. He is my forever friend. Here is his note.
I had known that Puglet's human is a photographer, but I didn't know that she mainly photographs dogs. If you want to be professionally photographed, here is a link to her website. Just click on the dalmatian!

So Mom has told me that she is going to go to the store and get the ingredients that she needs to make some cookies for me. She now believes what Puglet says, "Food is Love." I'd been trying to tell her that all along, but it took this charming, handsome Pug from San Francisco to tell her, before she'd believe it. I can hardly wait to taste one of those cookies, or maybe more than one!

I'm a very happy Pug these days. How could I be so lucky, as to have such a wonderful Mom and such great friends, Mildred and Puglet. Wow! Life is good.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Give me the simple life...

My Mommy took a few photos of me this morning, and I thought I'd share them with all of you.

She loves it when I smile and show my bottom teeth. She thinks they are so cute and white. That's why she took this picture.

Then, very soon, I put my tongue out. This is how I normally look. Not that this is normal, but it's normal for me.

Here's a glamor photo, with my tongue out. I like my eyes in this shot. I'm loving all of the new grass. Sometimes, I eat it and sometimes I lick it, to get the water off of it. Mom took this photo while we were walking this morning, before the battery in her camera went out.

Here I am pulling Mom along on our walk. I have never quite caught onto that "heel" stuff. Occasionally, Mom and I get into a tug of war over who is the pack leader. Most of the time, it's her, but sometimes I win the war.

Mom stayed home today and got all caught up in painting, what she calls, a stylized portrait. I like it. She says she used mainly acrylic paint and some pen and ink on watercolor paper. She did some stamping, as well as painting.

Mom is mainly a watercolorist, so painting with acrylics is new to her. She's enjoying it, though. She is calling the woman in her painting, Sophia. She said she really enjoyed painting her with a very long neck. Looks kind of strange to me. I haven't seen any humans that look like this. Maybe that's why she uses the word "stylized."

I got to see my brother, Joe, and his three boys on Skype tonight. I really like to play with them, when they come over. They live kind of far away, and Joe is quite busy, so I haven't seen them since Christmas. I could see them pretty well on the screen. What fun it was to see them. Mom enjoyed talking to them, as well.

So, I guess what mattered to me the most today was walking in the tall grass and watching my Mom, while she was painting. Sometimes, it's the simple things in life that make me happy.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

With LOVE, there is no separation...

I can't believe it! I looked out the window this morning and the rain had stopped. That put a little song in my heart. Then I went outside. Yikes! It was cold, and all of the grass and ivy were wet. I tip toed around for forty minutes, before I had finished my morning duty. Then Mom hurried out the door, hoping to get to church on time.

She has been going to a church called the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living. She likes it, but more so, she likes meeting her two friends Brian and Molly there. They sit together in church and then afterwards go to lunch together. My Mom says that they have these great conversations together, and she always feels good after she has connected with them. Today was no exception.

When she got home, I was hoping that we would head for the dog park. I yipped and carried on, but no, she started on a painting.

Yesterday, my Mommy went down into her crowded garage, looking for an old photo of her mother. I guess that would be my grandmother. It's one my Mom has liked for many years, of my grandma, when she was a young woman. Mom thought that she might photocopy it and use it in a collage. She nosed around for a little bit, but couldn't find the container, that she has all of her old pictures in. There's just too much stuff in the garage. I did my best to help, by sniffing around, but I couldn't find it either.

In the meantime, she saw a cardboard box that looked strange. She couldn't remember what was in it. When she opened it, she found the childhood drawings of dear Carmel, who died just before she was eleven years old. I guess she would have been my sister. Anyway, she brought the box upstairs and started going through it.

She was amazed at how many drawings she had of Carmel's and at how good they were. She found several that she would like to copy and use in collages or maybe to put on Flickr. She was so grateful that, as she looked at the drawings, she didn't feel sad anymore. It has taken many years for her to find her way to some kind of happiness, since Carmel died. Now, she is grateful that she had a daughter, even if it was only for eleven years. She also knows that Carmel is safe and happy living with God. In her mind's eye, she sees and talks to her on a regular basis. Anyway, she really enjoyed seeing her drawings.

Here are a few of them.

She is using the "Peace Sign" on this blog. She is also using it on her art blog, along with the one of flowers and a butterfly.

She also came across one drawing by her son, Jim. She says she had given both of her sons their childhood drawings, but this one was among Carmel's drawings.

She remembered how she had called him Jimmy for the longest time. I too enjoyed seeing these beautiful pieces of art. I especially like it, that Carmel has a dog on the list of things that she loves.

My Mommy told me how she thought it was really wonderful, that what we create on earth stays here after we have gone to live with God, bringing joy to those who are left behind. Because she is now an artist, she has a great appreciation of Carmel's drawings. She is thinking about framing some of them. I like that idea too.

So last night, Mommy didn't help me with my blog. Instead, she held me for the longest time. It felt so wonderful to receive her love and attention. I like it when she stays still and holds me. It makes my life worthwhile.

Ironically this morning, as she was walking toward the church, she met a young mother, whose daughter was in a stroller. She stopped to look at the baby girl, maybe 6 months old. The baby smiled and her eyes lit up, as she listened to my Mom tell her what a beautiful smile she had. Her Mother said that she is "in love" with her little daughter. My Mom knew that that was true. She could feel it, and also she knew, because she feels the same way about her dear daughter, Carmel. With love, there is no separation.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm always being taken care of...

Well, it's raining like cats and dogs outside. How do you suppose that saying got started? Anyway, it's been a few days now, and I'm tired of it. I'm a California Pug. I'm not used to having to deal with RAIN. Now I know that some of you Pugs, out there, have to deal with SNOW. I don't know how you do it. I don't do FREEZING at all.

So, I got in such a tizzy tonight about the rain, that I went out on the deck and started barking at it. Can you imagine that? My Mom put an stop to that really quickly. She put me in "time out," for what seemed like a very long time. I'm just so tired of tip toeing around in the wet grass and wet ivy to find the "perfect spot." Gosh. Hope this ends soon. How do you supposed the animals survived 40 days and 40 nights of rain, like it says in the Bible? That seems impossible to me, even if there was an ark.

Here's a sweet photo of me that Mommy took. Notice how she is caressing the back of my head. Boy, do I love it when she does that.
She took off again today. She just isn't staying home much these days. She left early and went to her qi gong practice and then had coffee with two of her friends from the qi gong group. They talked and talked. My Mommy seems to like to talk a lot with her friends.

After that, even though it was pouring outside, she took off for the nearest Barnes and Nobles store, which is about twenty minutes from home. She had a $25 gift card from Christmas, that she wanted to buy something with. After browsing for an hour or so, she ended up getting a CD, that she can play while she is doing her qi gong. It's called, "Reiki Healing Touch." She then had a bowl of soup in the dining area, using her gift card, and then headed toward the magazines. She was looking for a magazine with ideas about doing mixed media art. She ended up getting this magazine.

She says she is going to start reading it as soon as she is done typing up by blog post.

After that, she headed for Target. She wanted to buy some drawers for her art supplies. So, when she got home, I saw her climbing up the stairs carrying these large white things. She almost didn't say "hi" to me. She got busy right away, putting things into the drawers, of these sort of modules she bought.

I can kind of understand. The way things were, there were art supplies all over the kitchen table and on the card table, where she needs room to work. So now things are tucked away, nice and neat. We'll have to see how long that lasts...hee, hee!

You know, I don't care if things are a mess, and I don't think Mommy cares all that much either. She says that it just becomes difficult to find what she needs, when things are strewn all over the place. She said she doesn't want to spend her time looking for things, when she wants to paint. I can understand that...and, of course, I'm a very understanding Pug, except when it comes to RAIN.

Mommy has been spending quite a bit of time reading a book that she likes, that is about mixed media. Since she has mainly been a watercolorist, mixed media is new to her. She is very excited about it, though. Here's the book that she's had her nose in for the past several days.

She showed me some of the artwork in this book. Boy, they really look good to me. I'm excited to see what my dear Mom comes up with, as she broadens her knowledge of art.

So, I'm sleeping next to the heater vent right now. I only have one more time left, for today, that I have to go out and face that rain before bedtime. Maybe it will stop raining, just long enough for me to finish what I have to do and get back into the house. Sometimes, things like that happen for me. It reminds me that I'm always being taken care of by the Universe. It's very comforting for me, knowing that.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My human has become my Mom...

So, today it rained. Well, it more than rained, it stormed. This means that when I had to go outside to use the grass, I had to search and search for a place that wasn't soaked, that had some dryness. Not an easy task.

This morning, when my human took me out, she wore her rain boots and used an umbrella. She helped me to find a spot that was under a tree, that wasn't so wet. I was way too uncomfortable to do my duty in a wet spot, with the rain coming down on me.

In the process of helping me, she stepped in some dog poop. Yuk! She hates it when that happens. So off we went to the grass, so that she could clean off her boot. Then on the way back to the house, she kept jumping into puddles and splashing all over the place, as if I wasn't wet enough. She said it reminded her of, when she was a little girl, walking home from school in the gutter, that was full of water, rather than the sidewalk. She would swish and splash in the gutter, wearing her rain boots. She has really been enjoying owning a pair of rain boots, after so many years.

Storm or no storm, she took off in the car to go to her qi gong class. I was so happy to stay home and cuddle in my blanket, on my bed, near the heater vent. That's how I like to spend a stormy day.

She really likes her qi gong class. She feels like the form is becoming more automatic. She had been out shopping yesterday and made some kind of move and then noticed that she was moving her palms toward her lower abdomen, giving herself chi. It came so automatic. After she got home from shopping, she did the entire form TWICE!

Today, she got the "doodle a day" calendar in the mail. It's kind of late to start it, but here is her first doodle. I think it looks like some kind of bird.

She says she is going to try to draw a doodle each day. She finds it to be relaxing and fun.

She has also been busy reading up on painting a portrait in mixed media. She has gotten the book "Art at the Speed of Life." She is getting lots of ideas from there. She is realizing that the many paintings that she has been doing of girls and young women are very common for women to paint. Many of those doing Art Journals have women, as subjects for their pages.

So, she is going to use acrylic paint on watercolor paper and paint a woman/girl on it. There is an example in the book, that she is going to use as a guide.

She says she keeps feeling the pressure of the art show, that is coming up in April. She has some watercolors to enter in the show, but she would like to have something new to add to them. She will be putting in from six to eight paintings.

We haven't really discussed this, but I'm wanting to call her Mom, Mommy and/or Mother, instead of my human. She loves me like a mother, and she treats me like her child, so it make sense to me that I call her Mom. She is telling me now that she agrees, that that is a good idea.

So dear Mother, thank you for loving me so much and for taking such good care of me. I am so grateful to have you. She says that she is also extremely grateful to have me with her. Now we are a family...all is well.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You won, Bella. You won!!!

So, tonight I was busy having my nightly chew on some rawhide, when I heard a scream of joy coming from my human, who was sitting at her computer. She jumped up and came over to me and began repeating over and over, "You won, Bella. You won." She looked so happy and excited, I couldn't help but look up.

You can see how puzzled I look. I couldn't imagine what in the world I had won. I don't even know what winning is or what it feels like.

Then she explained that on November 13, 2010, she and I had gone to a Pug meetup group at Point Isabel. My boyfriend Billy came with us, along with his human. While we were there, we met Puglet and his human, along with his roommate, Dutch, which is this big, beautiful dalmatian. His human was busy taking lots of pictures, with a really nice Nikon camera. My human approached her and said something, she can't remember what, and Puglet's human said that she was taking pictures for Puglet's blog called the Daily Puglet. My human, liking to read blogs, made a note of the name of the blog in her head.

Here is a photo of me with my human at the Pug Meetup.

At some point, my human had started following Puglet's blog, reading it now and then. Around the first of February, she was reading his blog and noticed that most of the comments were being made by other Pugs from other blogs. She started looking at some of the other Pug blog sites. Then she got the hare brained idea to have me start this blog. Well, as it turns out, it wasn't such a hare brained idea after all.

On Februay 11th, my human was reading Puglet's blog and saw that there was a contest going on to win the Bubba Rose cookie cookbook for dogs. All she had to do was to have me leave a message on the blog, and there would be a randomized drawing on Valentine's Day. This was how Puglet was going to bring a little love to one of his Pug followers. So I left a message.

Tonight after my human came home from having helped a friend with her computer, she began to read her e-mail and there was a message from Chewy congratulating me for winning the cookbook. Chewy is a cute Pug puppy, who likes to eat yogurt. Her blog is on my Pug Blog List. So anyway, that's when my human jumped up and came over to tell me that I had won. Here I am again, just before she told me.

I love chewing a bone or rawhide on my favorite blanket. The wind has been blowing like crazy tonight, and I feel so warm on my blanket.

So anyway, Puglet's human is going to mail us the cookbook. I can hardly wait to taste one of those cookies. My human has never cooked for me, let alone baked for me. This will be quite the big deal, for her to make me some cookies.

She told me that she has had such a happy day today, seeing her Coda friends this morning, for a meeting, then seeing her therapist and realizing that she is progressing at becoming more loving toward herself and others and then having fun helping her friend get onto the Watercolor Connection blog. She said that she has had a full day, and it was topped off by my winning the Bubba Rose cookie cookbook. Life is good.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Loving from the inside out...

Lucky me. My human was home all day today. She spent some time throwing my ball for me and also holding me, but she spent most of the afternoon working on a painting. Here it is.

She painted it on some crinkled masa paper. She loves to paint young girls, not sure why that is. She likes to paint eyes, and I sure like the eyes in this one. She keeps looking at it. I think she is thinking about what needs to be fixed on it and also if something else may be added to it. So, eventually, she may change this one a bit.

She has prepared some more masa paper, using the method, where after you crinkle it and wet it, you paint on the back of it. She has a paper that looks like this. She's not sure what she will do with it.

She has looked at some of Chen-Khee Chee's crinkled masa paintings and read a couple of blogs about how to do it. What it comes down to is that at this point, she needs to look at that paper and decide what she sees in it and then paint in a way to bring that out.

It's kind of like when Michelangelo was carving David, he saw David in the marble, so all he had to do was chip away the extra marble. So, she needs to become like Michelangelo. That shouldn't be too hard. (:

She didn't go to any church today. She can't seem to find one that fits for her. So maybe, it's best she find God within herself and her friends and family. She meditated for a little while today. She says she would like to become more disciplined about doing that. From what she has heard, meditation benefits the body, mind and spirit in a very positive way. So, she's thinking about it, developing a regular meditation practice.

Tomorrow is the big day, Valentine's Day. My human has sent for some nice books on Amazon for her Valentines present. Maybe she will get them tomorrow. She ordered "Life is a Verb," "Art at the Speed of Life," "Whispers," and a doodle a day desk calendar. She had been wanting them for awhile, so now they are on their way.

Other than that, she is kind of glad that she is not dealing with whether or not a man will give her something for Valentine's day, and then after receiving the gift, wondering what does the gift really mean. She says that she would like to have a man, but not just any ole man. She is trusting that if it's meant to be, it will happen naturally. In the meantime, she is loving me up and loving herself more each day.

This is the gift that she has wanted for herself since she was very young. She spent so many years with people who didn't know how to show their love, that she began to believe that that was how everyone was and that no one could love her. Then she realized that the person who really needed to love her was herself, that others may or may not be able to give her love, but she can always give it to herself.

Of course, she has had to learn how to do this. She had spent so many years believing what others said about her, that she had a very low opinion of herself. She has spent the last twenty years practicing self love. Since the old saying, "practice makes perfect," really is true, she is getting pretty good a loving not only herself, but others, even a little Pug dog like me. Just as she takes really good care of me, making sure I have enough to eat, time to play, other dog friends and protection from anyone or anything that might hurt me, so she does the same thing for herself.

So on this Valentine's Day of love, she and I are finding lots of love in our lives, from many sources, but mostly from the inside out.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cong Hei Fat Choi !!!!...

So, my human didn't get a chance to write on my blog last night. She was busy holding me. She held me for the longest time. I'm the luckiest Pug in the world.

Today, she took off bright and early to meet some of her qi gong classmates at the BART station to go over to San Francisco and meet up and do the form with the San Francisco group. They ended up doing the form at the Justin Herman Plaza, near the Ferry Building. The weather was bright and sunny and a perfect temperature.

She said it really felt good to do the form outside in that location, with the beautiful blue sky above. She said it was a wonderful experience.

They did the form twice after doing some exercises first. Then they headed toward Chinatown, where the leader of the group, Lawrence, grew up. He had lots of stories to tell about his times, living in Chinatown. He led everyone to a really nice dim sum restaurant, the City View on Commercial St. My human said the food was different from what she normally eats, but she liked it and enjoyed the company.

Here are a couple of photos that my human took in Chinatown. The Chinese New Years parade is next weekend. Notice the dragon heads behind them. She said that they heard a lot of fire crackers today.

Then they all walked, as a group, back down to the Ferry Building, as there was a Farmer's Market down there. It was packed with people on this Saturday morning. After awhile, my human's knees began to hurt from all of the walking. Also, she wasn't really interested in buying anything at the Farmer's Market. She says that she really enjoyed getting to know these new people, Jan, Peggy, Bob, Debra and Jerry. She already kind of knew Lawrence from going to the practices he leads. Everyone was so very nice and enjoyable to be around. She came home feeling like she had made some new friends.

She took me for a short walk, after she got home, but, of course, her legs were tired, so we didn't go too far. Tonight we have just hung out here at home, my human relaxing from a long day and me relaxing, because that's what I do best. I did take a quick run around the room for a few minutes. After being cooped up all day, I felt like I needed to run a bit. I am now snoring away, as my human writes this blog post.

The moral of the story is that we not pass up the chance to allow ourselves pleasure. Life has so much to give, if only we are willing to receive. Cong Hei Fat Choi !!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

All is well...

So, today my human felt well, after fighting off her virus. She showered and carried on this morning and took off for her qi gong class that started at 12:30pm. This left me home to sleep the afternoon away.

I was all excited when she got home. She seemed so calm and at peace after attending her class. She happily took me for a little walk. As we walked, I got into my "habit."

I don't talk about it much, because it's a little embarrassing, but I'm a cigarette butt addict. I'm not sure if they have a twelve step program for this or not. Anyway, I just can't seem to resist picking up cigarette butts and chewing on them. I will swallow them too, if I'm not stopped by my human. She's pretty quick to notice when I have grabbed one off the ground. She tells me to "put that down." Sometimes I do, and she tells me what a good girl I am and sometimes I don't. If she's close enough to me, she sticks her finger into my mouth and pulls it out. She says, "No, Bella, don't eat that." When we're at the dog park, I sometimes find one, and I'm too far from her, for her to grab it out of my mouth. Also, I'm off leash, so I can run away from her. Sometimes, I look like I'm being very defiant, chomping away on the butt and looking right at her. I've got a lot to learn about being more obedient. It's just not my strong suit.

Here's a photo of me that my human took last night, just before bedtime. It looks like I have a hair near my mouth. If it had been a cigarette butt, I would be chewing it.

My human says she is very happy today to feel more energy. So tonight, she painted a painting. She had prepared some masa paper, by crinkling it and pasteing it onto a piece of watercolor paper. She used watercolor and ink. She tried some acrylic paint, but she didn't like it. It was too heavy and opaque for this paper. Anyway, she says she's happy with her first try at painting on this paper.

It was so funny. She had thought to herself that it had a bit of Van Gogh in it and wouldn't you know that after she posted it on Facebook, her son wrote..."It looks a little like a Van Gogh." She said that she thinks that it's all the lines that make it seem like a Van Gogh. Here's a photo of her painting. She calls it "A Masa Fall."

I like it quite a bit. She said that she will be using this paper again, because she liked painting on it. So maybe I will be seeing more paintings like this.

I'm so happy that my human is well. It's nice to see that smile on her face and to see her getting wrapped up in her qi gong and her painting. It seems to make her happy and after all, isn't that what life is about, being happy? That's a topic for another blog post. Good night, all!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Living life on life's terms...

I wasn't going to write tonight, but then I realized that I feel better and can go to sleep quicker, when I have written something about my day.

Today has been a quiet, slow day. My human wasn't feeling well last night, so even though we went to bed early, we slept until 10:30am. Boy, was that wonderful. I love snuggling under the covers with my human. We were awakened by the telephone. Her son called to see how she was doing and to talk.

Those darn battery phones don't work too well for her, so she got up and used the one phone she has that attaches to the wall. It's an old Princess phone made in Singapore by AT&T. She remembers when phones were made by Western Electric for AT&T, way back whenever it was. They were really well made phones that didn't die on you. My human's brother-in-law worked for Western Electric for many years and retired from there. So she keeps this phone plugged into the wall, for when the batteries go out on her other "walk around" phones.

Anyway, the phone call got us going into our daily routine. My human felt tired most of the day, so we didn't go outside except for when I had to use the grass. She took care of some business, having to do with Income Taxes, whatever they are, and that's about all she accomplished today. She said she kind of enjoyed having a day without much activity.

Normally on Wednesdays, she meets with one of her friends in the morning at a local coffee shop, and they talk and talk and talk. The two of them can talk for the longest time, and when they are done talking, my human says that she always feels happier. She says that they are good for each other.

My human has gotten caught up in qi gong, Dayan qi gong, to be exact. On Wednesday afternoons, she usually goes to a one hour group practice of qi gong. She likes to do the form with others. She finds it relaxing and inspiring to move with others. She also can pick up ways to improve her form by being with those who've been doing the form for a longer time than she. Well, my point is, she didn't go there today either.

She says she is feeling better tonight. I'm happy for her, but not so much for myself. I like it when she is home all day. She holds me and talks to me in her sweet way, and I feel so safe and happy.

Today, she talked about how she has been learning to accept life on life's terms. She said that today is one of those days, when she has had to change her normal plans to accommodate the virus that she is getting over. She talked about how we never know what the next moment will bring and so life becomes easier, if we go with the flow. So she didn't get mad or anything because she couldn't do what she normally does and because she didn't feel strong, she just accepted it and took it easy. Actually, she didn't have much say in it, her body was telling her to slow down. But she did listen to her body and did not use her mind to override what her body needed. She used to do that in the past, continue on with work that needed to be done, even when she was sick. Those days are over, she said. She mostly accepts life on life's terms.

So, I mainly slept today, which I like to do, second to eating. I did a little barking when the doorbell rang and a young man was at the door saying, "I'm here to do the tootering." Whoops, wrong house. My human steered him in the right direction and off he went. That was my excitement for the day. I told you that we had a quiet and slow day. So we will see what happens tomorrow. As Scarlett said, "Tomorrow is another day."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting honest with the WCC...

So today was the big day, all of the watercolor ladies came over to our house. After the first person arrived, and I jumped all over her, I lost my privileges and was relegated to the garage. I kind of understood why, because I realized that I got overly excited, but I'm a Pug, what can I say.

My human and the other artist ladies had quite a time. I could hear them from the garage. They talk and talk and talk, and I guess they ate lunch too. After all the food was out of the way, my human came and got me and gave me some chicken and a bone, that she had gotten from the butcher. She put me out on the deck with all of that. When I got tired of that, I began scratching on the sliding glass door, and my human brought me inside.

She was quite busy then, giving the demo about Facebook and the group's blog. One of the nice artist ladies took a liking to me because her son has a Pug named Panda. They live up north somewhere, I think Seattle. Anyway, she sat down on the floor and held me, which really felt good and also kept me from bothering other people.

Then they all got up from the living room chairs and went back to the table for their business meeting. These artist ladies love to meet together and talk about stuff having to do with art. They even showed some of their art to one another.

My human had previously told the group that she was no longer interested in going to workshops organized by the group or interested in showing her paintings. She had said, "I'm not interested in participating in any more workshops or is not my goal to learn how someone else paints/collages, it is my goal to find my own way of expressing my art. If I decide to learn a technique from someone else, it will be from a person of my own choosing. It also is not my goal to show my work...I am doing my art strictly for my own appreciation and pleasure."

So the chairperson asked everyone else in the group to talk about where they stood on these two topics. As it turned out, some of the other members felt the same way as my human. She didn't expect that. She is grateful to herself for having taken the risk to express her truth. It seemed to her that this conversation was a really wonderful time, where everyone got honest with the group.

Here I am under the table, which is where I like to be most, near feet, while they were having their meeting.

Here I am with the nice artist lady who played with me and held me. That's another artist from the group sitting by her.

I forgot to say that my human felt kind of sick during the night and even during the meeting today. She forgot about how she felt for awhile when she was giving the computer demo and then after that, still felt kind of sick to her stomach. She really enjoyed herself, though, laughing and talking with her friends. She really feels like these artist ladies are wonderful, quality people. She was so happy to have them at our house. She feels really blessed to have them in her life.

Here is a great picture of me with my human. Don't we look great together? You can tell that there is a lot of love there between us. Notice how content I look. I always feel safe when my human is holding me.
It was a busy day, and I didn't get any of my naps. So tonight I'm sleeping and snoring, as my human types up my blog post for tonight. All is well.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Who'd have thought, we are Tweeting on Twitter....

So the biggest news of the day is that I'm on Twitter...never thought the day would come. In between cleaning and shopping for her big shin dig tomorrow with her watercolor friends, my human signed us up on Twitter.

I Tweeted Josie. She is a black poodle that's as cute as can be. She moved to San Francisco several months ago, but now it's so exciting, because now we can Tweet one another.

Here is a very adorable photo that my human uploaded onto Twitter, to be my profile photo. I just love it. She didn't have time today to write a short bio, but she will one of these days very soon. She has already played around with the design of my profile page. It looks great. I love it that my human is such a great techie!

On the side panel of my blog here, you can find a link to my Twitter home page, if you'd like to take a look and maybe tweet me. I don't know how many of my friends are on Twitter, so I have only Tweeted Josie, so far.

My human spent most of the day cleaning and setting up the table for her meeting tomorrow with her watercolor friends. Not only is she hosting the meeting, but she is also going to give a demo on using Facebook and on participating in the group's blog. Click here to see their blog. The name of the group is The Watercolor Connection, but in reality, they are all getting caught up in doing mixed media, using collage. It really doesn't matter, they are all a talented bunch of women, so whatever they create will be worth seeing.

My human is just about ready for them all to arrive. We are going to go to bed soon, as she wants to get up early and get a few more things done in the morning. I'm happy about that. There's nothing I enjoy more than sleeping with my human. Lately, when she has been staying up so late, I have been heading for the bedroom and yelping until she comes and puts me up onto the bed. That's right, I can't jump onto the bed. It's too high. So she sweetly lifts me up onto the bed and then goes back to whatever she is doing and joins me later. We've got it all worked out, so that we each get our way.

So that's about it for tonight. Look for me on Twitter!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A trip back in time...

Hello everyone, thought you might like to see how great I look when I wake up in the morning. It is so nice and comfy to snuggle under the covers. What more could a Pug ask for...well maybe for more FOOD!

After breakfast today, my human took off in her car to meet a friend of her's from the Dog Park at a Catholic church here in town. She was meeting up with Billy's human. Billy is a handsome black Pug that is crazy about me.

So anyway, they wanted to check out this church to see if they would like it. Here is a photo of Billy's human and my human. This was taken on Halloween.

Here's Billy with his human. Isn't he a handsome Pug, so very regal. He can't seem to stop sniffing me, whenever he sees me. It's really something!

So my human went to the church, which brought back some unhappy memories from her past. She remembered both her father's and her daughter's funerals. Even so, she realizes that that was in the past and that new happier memories could take place at this church, which also happens to be the church, where she had been married.

She was married for 26 years, but partly due to Carmel's death, she gradually grew apart from her husband and left the marriage about 20 years ago. After that, she didn't feel like she belonged in the Catholic church, being divorced and all. Also, she was on a spiritual journey and had to leave the marriage and the church in order to grow.

Today, it felt to her like she was going back to where she had started. She found herself having to interpret many of the words that were preached at the mass. That can be laborious, to make sense of what is being said. She also had a problem with the Parish Director referring to everyone as being Catholic and if you're a Catholic, you do such and such. That sounded so much like separation, like our high school acts this way, and in order to belong, you need to act this way.

She is feeling like she cannot go back to that kind of thinking. She feels more like a Taoist now, where "all are One," without a lot of divisions.

So even though she thought she might go back to the Catholic church, she has decided not to. She used to do things like this with her mother, go back to her to see if she had changed. There was always very little change, if any.

Later after running some errands, my human came home. I was so happy to see her. It was a beautiful day outside and pretty soon I heard the word I love to here, "Do you want to go to the Dog Park?" Wow, I got all excited again.

While I was at the Dog Park, I saw some of my friends. Here's a photo of Gucci. He's a young handsome boy Pug, who is very fun to be around. He's looking at his human because she always brings treats. All the dogs love her, and I do too.

At one point Max's human gave me some loving. He does this whenever he sees me. He scratches and rubs me and whispers sweet nothings into me ear. I just swoon, when he does that. Here's a picture of how I swoon.

Billy showed up kind of late and wouldn't look at the camera. Still we had fun together.

After we got home, my human got the wise idea to give me a bath. Grant you, I felt pretty dirty and stinky. So in the tub I went. She kept trying to take my picture while I was all sudsed up, but I kept looking away from the camera. I don't like my picture taken when I'm in the tub. Do you? So here's an adorable picture of me after I got out of the tub.

Then she gets going with the hair dryer. Now it scares me at first, but then I kind of like it. It reminds me of the heater vent. So she dried me a little with that.

Here I am with the dryer. That's my human in the mirror. She loves me so much that she likes me to be clean. I'm so lucky to have her as my human.

PS: Bubba, I'm hoping that I didn't hurt your feelings because of way I talked about your tongue. That wasn't very nice of me. I'm sorry.