Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting honest with the WCC...

So today was the big day, all of the watercolor ladies came over to our house. After the first person arrived, and I jumped all over her, I lost my privileges and was relegated to the garage. I kind of understood why, because I realized that I got overly excited, but I'm a Pug, what can I say.

My human and the other artist ladies had quite a time. I could hear them from the garage. They talk and talk and talk, and I guess they ate lunch too. After all the food was out of the way, my human came and got me and gave me some chicken and a bone, that she had gotten from the butcher. She put me out on the deck with all of that. When I got tired of that, I began scratching on the sliding glass door, and my human brought me inside.

She was quite busy then, giving the demo about Facebook and the group's blog. One of the nice artist ladies took a liking to me because her son has a Pug named Panda. They live up north somewhere, I think Seattle. Anyway, she sat down on the floor and held me, which really felt good and also kept me from bothering other people.

Then they all got up from the living room chairs and went back to the table for their business meeting. These artist ladies love to meet together and talk about stuff having to do with art. They even showed some of their art to one another.

My human had previously told the group that she was no longer interested in going to workshops organized by the group or interested in showing her paintings. She had said, "I'm not interested in participating in any more workshops or is not my goal to learn how someone else paints/collages, it is my goal to find my own way of expressing my art. If I decide to learn a technique from someone else, it will be from a person of my own choosing. It also is not my goal to show my work...I am doing my art strictly for my own appreciation and pleasure."

So the chairperson asked everyone else in the group to talk about where they stood on these two topics. As it turned out, some of the other members felt the same way as my human. She didn't expect that. She is grateful to herself for having taken the risk to express her truth. It seemed to her that this conversation was a really wonderful time, where everyone got honest with the group.

Here I am under the table, which is where I like to be most, near feet, while they were having their meeting.

Here I am with the nice artist lady who played with me and held me. That's another artist from the group sitting by her.

I forgot to say that my human felt kind of sick during the night and even during the meeting today. She forgot about how she felt for awhile when she was giving the computer demo and then after that, still felt kind of sick to her stomach. She really enjoyed herself, though, laughing and talking with her friends. She really feels like these artist ladies are wonderful, quality people. She was so happy to have them at our house. She feels really blessed to have them in her life.

Here is a great picture of me with my human. Don't we look great together? You can tell that there is a lot of love there between us. Notice how content I look. I always feel safe when my human is holding me.
It was a busy day, and I didn't get any of my naps. So tonight I'm sleeping and snoring, as my human types up my blog post for tonight. All is well.

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Camille Olivia said...

Dear Sheila~ I'm not sure if that last comment came through because my internet cut off for a few seconds. So...I'm going to rewrite: your human just told me about your blog and I had to come right over and look. I LOVE it! It's really great that you share all your adventures with us. I showed Bruzer (that's my little curly dog) your pictures and he was wagging his little nubby really fast. I'm sure if you two were to meet, you'd have a grand time together. Anyway, thanks for sharing all this fun stuff. I especially like all the pictures your human takes. VERY CUTE! Hope you have a terrific day! Hugs from Camille Olivia AND Bruzer.