Monday, February 21, 2011

Give me the simple life...

My Mommy took a few photos of me this morning, and I thought I'd share them with all of you.

She loves it when I smile and show my bottom teeth. She thinks they are so cute and white. That's why she took this picture.

Then, very soon, I put my tongue out. This is how I normally look. Not that this is normal, but it's normal for me.

Here's a glamor photo, with my tongue out. I like my eyes in this shot. I'm loving all of the new grass. Sometimes, I eat it and sometimes I lick it, to get the water off of it. Mom took this photo while we were walking this morning, before the battery in her camera went out.

Here I am pulling Mom along on our walk. I have never quite caught onto that "heel" stuff. Occasionally, Mom and I get into a tug of war over who is the pack leader. Most of the time, it's her, but sometimes I win the war.

Mom stayed home today and got all caught up in painting, what she calls, a stylized portrait. I like it. She says she used mainly acrylic paint and some pen and ink on watercolor paper. She did some stamping, as well as painting.

Mom is mainly a watercolorist, so painting with acrylics is new to her. She's enjoying it, though. She is calling the woman in her painting, Sophia. She said she really enjoyed painting her with a very long neck. Looks kind of strange to me. I haven't seen any humans that look like this. Maybe that's why she uses the word "stylized."

I got to see my brother, Joe, and his three boys on Skype tonight. I really like to play with them, when they come over. They live kind of far away, and Joe is quite busy, so I haven't seen them since Christmas. I could see them pretty well on the screen. What fun it was to see them. Mom enjoyed talking to them, as well.

So, I guess what mattered to me the most today was walking in the tall grass and watching my Mom, while she was painting. Sometimes, it's the simple things in life that make me happy.


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Cute lil tongue Bekka we kive ut si much :)

Sequoia and Tuni

Camille Olivia said...

Dear Adorable Bella ~ Please tell your mom that I really LOVE her painting of Sophia. I think it's WONDERFUL! I also love all the new pictures of you, especially the ones with your tongue out. SO CUTE! And, if you don't mind, please also tell your mom I said thank you for buying my book and for putting it up on your site. I am SO grateful! I'm sending hugs to both of you...and Bruzer says hi too!