Sunday, February 6, 2011

A trip back in time...

Hello everyone, thought you might like to see how great I look when I wake up in the morning. It is so nice and comfy to snuggle under the covers. What more could a Pug ask for...well maybe for more FOOD!

After breakfast today, my human took off in her car to meet a friend of her's from the Dog Park at a Catholic church here in town. She was meeting up with Billy's human. Billy is a handsome black Pug that is crazy about me.

So anyway, they wanted to check out this church to see if they would like it. Here is a photo of Billy's human and my human. This was taken on Halloween.

Here's Billy with his human. Isn't he a handsome Pug, so very regal. He can't seem to stop sniffing me, whenever he sees me. It's really something!

So my human went to the church, which brought back some unhappy memories from her past. She remembered both her father's and her daughter's funerals. Even so, she realizes that that was in the past and that new happier memories could take place at this church, which also happens to be the church, where she had been married.

She was married for 26 years, but partly due to Carmel's death, she gradually grew apart from her husband and left the marriage about 20 years ago. After that, she didn't feel like she belonged in the Catholic church, being divorced and all. Also, she was on a spiritual journey and had to leave the marriage and the church in order to grow.

Today, it felt to her like she was going back to where she had started. She found herself having to interpret many of the words that were preached at the mass. That can be laborious, to make sense of what is being said. She also had a problem with the Parish Director referring to everyone as being Catholic and if you're a Catholic, you do such and such. That sounded so much like separation, like our high school acts this way, and in order to belong, you need to act this way.

She is feeling like she cannot go back to that kind of thinking. She feels more like a Taoist now, where "all are One," without a lot of divisions.

So even though she thought she might go back to the Catholic church, she has decided not to. She used to do things like this with her mother, go back to her to see if she had changed. There was always very little change, if any.

Later after running some errands, my human came home. I was so happy to see her. It was a beautiful day outside and pretty soon I heard the word I love to here, "Do you want to go to the Dog Park?" Wow, I got all excited again.

While I was at the Dog Park, I saw some of my friends. Here's a photo of Gucci. He's a young handsome boy Pug, who is very fun to be around. He's looking at his human because she always brings treats. All the dogs love her, and I do too.

At one point Max's human gave me some loving. He does this whenever he sees me. He scratches and rubs me and whispers sweet nothings into me ear. I just swoon, when he does that. Here's a picture of how I swoon.

Billy showed up kind of late and wouldn't look at the camera. Still we had fun together.

After we got home, my human got the wise idea to give me a bath. Grant you, I felt pretty dirty and stinky. So in the tub I went. She kept trying to take my picture while I was all sudsed up, but I kept looking away from the camera. I don't like my picture taken when I'm in the tub. Do you? So here's an adorable picture of me after I got out of the tub.

Then she gets going with the hair dryer. Now it scares me at first, but then I kind of like it. It reminds me of the heater vent. So she dried me a little with that.

Here I am with the dryer. That's my human in the mirror. She loves me so much that she likes me to be clean. I'm so lucky to have her as my human.

PS: Bubba, I'm hoping that I didn't hurt your feelings because of way I talked about your tongue. That wasn't very nice of me. I'm sorry.

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