Friday, February 4, 2011

Hello, I'm Bella Mia...

So, it's very late at night, and I'm trying to sleep, but my human is still up typing away on her computer. Does she have no sense of how late it is or that there would be some time tomorrow to work on this blog. No, she gets an idea in her head about me having a blog and, whammo, she's off and running with it.

Anyway, I'm kind of happy about it. I often haven't felt like I had a voice in our relationship. You see it's just she and I living in this house together. Sometimes when I need to go out and use the grass, although I prefer the ivy, I squeal and yelp and carry on for quite some time before she finally looks up and asks me, "is everything okay, Babe?" My name is Bella Mia, but she often calls me Babe. It's kind of a 'pet' name that she has for me, because she loves me so much.

So what happened tonight was that she read Puglet's blog and then she saw 29 comments were on her latest post. My human decided to read them and check out the other Pug blogs, and what do you know, there were tons of them. She got so excited that she quickly decided to start another blog for me. She already has four. My gosh that's a lot, but now she's going to help me out by typing up my blog for me. She is a sweetie, that human of mine.

She has a special place in her heart for me. You see, she had a lovely daughter a long time ago, who when she was almost eleven years old, died from bone cancer. This was very hard for my human, and she has spent many years grieving the loss of her sweet Carmel. Luckily, she had twin sons to raise, or, who knows, she might not have made it this far.

Anyway, she got me because I am a girl. She often asks me, "Are you my baby girl, my angel from heaven?" and she hugs me and kisses me in such a loving way, that I am in ecstasy. I'm the only girl who has lived with her since Carmel left to go live with God, well the only canine girl, those two cats don't count. She says that she sometimes sees Carmel and talks to her, and I believe her when she tells me that. As a Pug, I know a lot about different dimensions of reality and all that stuff. There are ways to communicate with those who have moved on to live with God. Still, my human likes having my warm body next to hers. I give her a lot of comfort and love. That's what Pugs are for, you know. And I'm a very loving Pug.

I have a lot more to tell you about her and our life together, but, for now, it looks like she is getting a little tired and so we will go to bed. Yes, I sleep in bed with her. I'm such a lucky Pug. Talk to you later.

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