Saturday, February 5, 2011

I am a helper...

So here I am sitting next to the heater vent. This was taken last night before bedtime. You can see how I'm not really wanting to look at the camera, but my human managed to catch me at a weak moment.

Today was like Spring here in the San Francisco Bay Area. My human said she had a lot to do today, so we were pretty busy all day. I didn't get my usual naps because I have a need to be in on whatever my human is doing. I like to 'help' by hanging around her feet, while she is moving things. I almost got stuck in a corner at one point, and I wasn't so sure I could find my way out, but I did.

My human is getting ready to have her watercolor friends over for their monthly meeting. They will be coming on Tuesday. She decided to work on the deck because it was so nice and warm out. I loved being out on the deck 'helping' her. She swept and scrubbed and watered the plants that were half dead from not being watered for most of the winter. When it's cold, my human doesn't go out on the deck. She kind of acts like it doesn't exist. I'll bet the plants were happy to get a drink of water for a change. She also set up the hummingbird feeder. I can hardly wait to see the hummingbirds show up for their sweet treat.

She kept moving and shuffling things around for quite some time. Then she decided to put out the chairs and table that are usually out there in the summertime. She moved her Healthrider clear to the other side of the deck. That thing just keeps hanging around out there. It's been there for years, maybe since she moved in, which was about 20 years ago. She keeps saying she is going to use it to stay fit. She even said it again today. I haven't seen her on it very much, but maybe she will surprise me this time. Here is a photo of me on the deck with all of the stuff. Looks like you can see that Healthrider sitting there in the background. That's my orange ball behind me. I love playing with that ball every chance I get.

It's a little hard to see the photo because it was starting to get dark, when she was taking the picture. I can see that my tongue is hanging out to my left, outside of my mouth. Hmmmm. I have a Pug friend from the dog park named Bubba. He's a big ole Pug, and he has the longest tongue you've ever seen in your life, that hangs out of the side of his mouth. As a matter of fact, he won a prize for the Pug with the longest tongue at the "Pugs of August" extravaganza that I went to with my human last summer. I sure hope my tongue doesn't start being like Bubba's. Prize or no prize, I don't want a tongue like that.

Here's another photo, of the hummingbird feeder, and you can see all the pretty trees that grow here. I love being able to see the trees outside our windows.

My human said that she saw two young deer today out behind our house. One was a buck with small antlers. There's a trail back there that keeps being used each year by the deer.

Tonight my human got the masa paper ready to paint on. She didn't do any painting today, but hopefully she will find some time tomorrow. She is wanting to use some of the new Indian ink that she bought yesterday at the art store. She bought several colors and is excited to try them out. She may also use some acrylic paint and/or watercolor paint.

I am so happy that we both got so much fresh air today. All is well in our world.

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Josephine said...

Listen up, Bella! Don't you trust that Billy Pug. I have it on good authority that he sniffs all the girls at the dog park, and, occasionally, some of the boys. xoxo Josie