Sunday, February 20, 2011

With LOVE, there is no separation...

I can't believe it! I looked out the window this morning and the rain had stopped. That put a little song in my heart. Then I went outside. Yikes! It was cold, and all of the grass and ivy were wet. I tip toed around for forty minutes, before I had finished my morning duty. Then Mom hurried out the door, hoping to get to church on time.

She has been going to a church called the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living. She likes it, but more so, she likes meeting her two friends Brian and Molly there. They sit together in church and then afterwards go to lunch together. My Mom says that they have these great conversations together, and she always feels good after she has connected with them. Today was no exception.

When she got home, I was hoping that we would head for the dog park. I yipped and carried on, but no, she started on a painting.

Yesterday, my Mommy went down into her crowded garage, looking for an old photo of her mother. I guess that would be my grandmother. It's one my Mom has liked for many years, of my grandma, when she was a young woman. Mom thought that she might photocopy it and use it in a collage. She nosed around for a little bit, but couldn't find the container, that she has all of her old pictures in. There's just too much stuff in the garage. I did my best to help, by sniffing around, but I couldn't find it either.

In the meantime, she saw a cardboard box that looked strange. She couldn't remember what was in it. When she opened it, she found the childhood drawings of dear Carmel, who died just before she was eleven years old. I guess she would have been my sister. Anyway, she brought the box upstairs and started going through it.

She was amazed at how many drawings she had of Carmel's and at how good they were. She found several that she would like to copy and use in collages or maybe to put on Flickr. She was so grateful that, as she looked at the drawings, she didn't feel sad anymore. It has taken many years for her to find her way to some kind of happiness, since Carmel died. Now, she is grateful that she had a daughter, even if it was only for eleven years. She also knows that Carmel is safe and happy living with God. In her mind's eye, she sees and talks to her on a regular basis. Anyway, she really enjoyed seeing her drawings.

Here are a few of them.

She is using the "Peace Sign" on this blog. She is also using it on her art blog, along with the one of flowers and a butterfly.

She also came across one drawing by her son, Jim. She says she had given both of her sons their childhood drawings, but this one was among Carmel's drawings.

She remembered how she had called him Jimmy for the longest time. I too enjoyed seeing these beautiful pieces of art. I especially like it, that Carmel has a dog on the list of things that she loves.

My Mommy told me how she thought it was really wonderful, that what we create on earth stays here after we have gone to live with God, bringing joy to those who are left behind. Because she is now an artist, she has a great appreciation of Carmel's drawings. She is thinking about framing some of them. I like that idea too.

So last night, Mommy didn't help me with my blog. Instead, she held me for the longest time. It felt so wonderful to receive her love and attention. I like it when she stays still and holds me. It makes my life worthwhile.

Ironically this morning, as she was walking toward the church, she met a young mother, whose daughter was in a stroller. She stopped to look at the baby girl, maybe 6 months old. The baby smiled and her eyes lit up, as she listened to my Mom tell her what a beautiful smile she had. Her Mother said that she is "in love" with her little daughter. My Mom knew that that was true. She could feel it, and also she knew, because she feels the same way about her dear daughter, Carmel. With love, there is no separation.

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