Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Living life on life's terms...

I wasn't going to write tonight, but then I realized that I feel better and can go to sleep quicker, when I have written something about my day.

Today has been a quiet, slow day. My human wasn't feeling well last night, so even though we went to bed early, we slept until 10:30am. Boy, was that wonderful. I love snuggling under the covers with my human. We were awakened by the telephone. Her son called to see how she was doing and to talk.

Those darn battery phones don't work too well for her, so she got up and used the one phone she has that attaches to the wall. It's an old Princess phone made in Singapore by AT&T. She remembers when phones were made by Western Electric for AT&T, way back whenever it was. They were really well made phones that didn't die on you. My human's brother-in-law worked for Western Electric for many years and retired from there. So she keeps this phone plugged into the wall, for when the batteries go out on her other "walk around" phones.

Anyway, the phone call got us going into our daily routine. My human felt tired most of the day, so we didn't go outside except for when I had to use the grass. She took care of some business, having to do with Income Taxes, whatever they are, and that's about all she accomplished today. She said she kind of enjoyed having a day without much activity.

Normally on Wednesdays, she meets with one of her friends in the morning at a local coffee shop, and they talk and talk and talk. The two of them can talk for the longest time, and when they are done talking, my human says that she always feels happier. She says that they are good for each other.

My human has gotten caught up in qi gong, Dayan qi gong, to be exact. On Wednesday afternoons, she usually goes to a one hour group practice of qi gong. She likes to do the form with others. She finds it relaxing and inspiring to move with others. She also can pick up ways to improve her form by being with those who've been doing the form for a longer time than she. Well, my point is, she didn't go there today either.

She says she is feeling better tonight. I'm happy for her, but not so much for myself. I like it when she is home all day. She holds me and talks to me in her sweet way, and I feel so safe and happy.

Today, she talked about how she has been learning to accept life on life's terms. She said that today is one of those days, when she has had to change her normal plans to accommodate the virus that she is getting over. She talked about how we never know what the next moment will bring and so life becomes easier, if we go with the flow. So she didn't get mad or anything because she couldn't do what she normally does and because she didn't feel strong, she just accepted it and took it easy. Actually, she didn't have much say in it, her body was telling her to slow down. But she did listen to her body and did not use her mind to override what her body needed. She used to do that in the past, continue on with work that needed to be done, even when she was sick. Those days are over, she said. She mostly accepts life on life's terms.

So, I mainly slept today, which I like to do, second to eating. I did a little barking when the doorbell rang and a young man was at the door saying, "I'm here to do the tootering." Whoops, wrong house. My human steered him in the right direction and off he went. That was my excitement for the day. I told you that we had a quiet and slow day. So we will see what happens tomorrow. As Scarlett said, "Tomorrow is another day."

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