Sunday, February 13, 2011

Loving from the inside out...

Lucky me. My human was home all day today. She spent some time throwing my ball for me and also holding me, but she spent most of the afternoon working on a painting. Here it is.

She painted it on some crinkled masa paper. She loves to paint young girls, not sure why that is. She likes to paint eyes, and I sure like the eyes in this one. She keeps looking at it. I think she is thinking about what needs to be fixed on it and also if something else may be added to it. So, eventually, she may change this one a bit.

She has prepared some more masa paper, using the method, where after you crinkle it and wet it, you paint on the back of it. She has a paper that looks like this. She's not sure what she will do with it.

She has looked at some of Chen-Khee Chee's crinkled masa paintings and read a couple of blogs about how to do it. What it comes down to is that at this point, she needs to look at that paper and decide what she sees in it and then paint in a way to bring that out.

It's kind of like when Michelangelo was carving David, he saw David in the marble, so all he had to do was chip away the extra marble. So, she needs to become like Michelangelo. That shouldn't be too hard. (:

She didn't go to any church today. She can't seem to find one that fits for her. So maybe, it's best she find God within herself and her friends and family. She meditated for a little while today. She says she would like to become more disciplined about doing that. From what she has heard, meditation benefits the body, mind and spirit in a very positive way. So, she's thinking about it, developing a regular meditation practice.

Tomorrow is the big day, Valentine's Day. My human has sent for some nice books on Amazon for her Valentines present. Maybe she will get them tomorrow. She ordered "Life is a Verb," "Art at the Speed of Life," "Whispers," and a doodle a day desk calendar. She had been wanting them for awhile, so now they are on their way.

Other than that, she is kind of glad that she is not dealing with whether or not a man will give her something for Valentine's day, and then after receiving the gift, wondering what does the gift really mean. She says that she would like to have a man, but not just any ole man. She is trusting that if it's meant to be, it will happen naturally. In the meantime, she is loving me up and loving herself more each day.

This is the gift that she has wanted for herself since she was very young. She spent so many years with people who didn't know how to show their love, that she began to believe that that was how everyone was and that no one could love her. Then she realized that the person who really needed to love her was herself, that others may or may not be able to give her love, but she can always give it to herself.

Of course, she has had to learn how to do this. She had spent so many years believing what others said about her, that she had a very low opinion of herself. She has spent the last twenty years practicing self love. Since the old saying, "practice makes perfect," really is true, she is getting pretty good a loving not only herself, but others, even a little Pug dog like me. Just as she takes really good care of me, making sure I have enough to eat, time to play, other dog friends and protection from anyone or anything that might hurt me, so she does the same thing for herself.

So on this Valentine's Day of love, she and I are finding lots of love in our lives, from many sources, but mostly from the inside out.


Camille Olivia said...

Dear Bella~ Maybe you could tell your human that meditation is best done for the JOY of it and not some sort of 'discipline'. If she approaches it this way, she won't NEED discipline! Kinda like when she throws the ball with you; she does it cuz it's FUN...and for no other reason. See what I mean? Sending hugs to both of ya!

chewy the pug said...

hi bella well done on winning the bubba rose book
hugs and licks
chewy the extremely jealous pug

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Hello Bella....we saw a link to your blog via Puglet's blog post. You are a cutie pie. We hope you had a wonderful Valentines day and maybe we can be friends. We are two little puggies too.

Sequoia and Tuni