Thursday, February 17, 2011

My human has become my Mom...

So, today it rained. Well, it more than rained, it stormed. This means that when I had to go outside to use the grass, I had to search and search for a place that wasn't soaked, that had some dryness. Not an easy task.

This morning, when my human took me out, she wore her rain boots and used an umbrella. She helped me to find a spot that was under a tree, that wasn't so wet. I was way too uncomfortable to do my duty in a wet spot, with the rain coming down on me.

In the process of helping me, she stepped in some dog poop. Yuk! She hates it when that happens. So off we went to the grass, so that she could clean off her boot. Then on the way back to the house, she kept jumping into puddles and splashing all over the place, as if I wasn't wet enough. She said it reminded her of, when she was a little girl, walking home from school in the gutter, that was full of water, rather than the sidewalk. She would swish and splash in the gutter, wearing her rain boots. She has really been enjoying owning a pair of rain boots, after so many years.

Storm or no storm, she took off in the car to go to her qi gong class. I was so happy to stay home and cuddle in my blanket, on my bed, near the heater vent. That's how I like to spend a stormy day.

She really likes her qi gong class. She feels like the form is becoming more automatic. She had been out shopping yesterday and made some kind of move and then noticed that she was moving her palms toward her lower abdomen, giving herself chi. It came so automatic. After she got home from shopping, she did the entire form TWICE!

Today, she got the "doodle a day" calendar in the mail. It's kind of late to start it, but here is her first doodle. I think it looks like some kind of bird.

She says she is going to try to draw a doodle each day. She finds it to be relaxing and fun.

She has also been busy reading up on painting a portrait in mixed media. She has gotten the book "Art at the Speed of Life." She is getting lots of ideas from there. She is realizing that the many paintings that she has been doing of girls and young women are very common for women to paint. Many of those doing Art Journals have women, as subjects for their pages.

So, she is going to use acrylic paint on watercolor paper and paint a woman/girl on it. There is an example in the book, that she is going to use as a guide.

She says she keeps feeling the pressure of the art show, that is coming up in April. She has some watercolors to enter in the show, but she would like to have something new to add to them. She will be putting in from six to eight paintings.

We haven't really discussed this, but I'm wanting to call her Mom, Mommy and/or Mother, instead of my human. She loves me like a mother, and she treats me like her child, so it make sense to me that I call her Mom. She is telling me now that she agrees, that that is a good idea.

So dear Mother, thank you for loving me so much and for taking such good care of me. I am so grateful to have you. She says that she is also extremely grateful to have me with her. Now we are a family...all is well.

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Sequoia & Petunia said...

Awwww Bella you have a mother how sweet :)