Friday, February 4, 2011

In the eye of the camera...

So now that we have this blog, my human keeps walking around with a camera in her hand or pocket. She wants to take my picture every time I turn around. I'm sharing the one she took this morning, when I first got out of bed. Who wants their picture taken when they first get out of bed? Anyway, I got afraid and tried to attack the camera. You can probably tell that I'm afraid because I put my paw out to try to stop the flash from coming. It's the flash that scares me. Well, guess I'd better get used to it, now that I'm kind of a celebrity with this blog and all. The thing too, about seeing my picture, is that I'm noticing that I have some gray hairs on my chin. Yikes. I'm only three years old. I must be prematurely gray. Wouldn't you know.

I laid in bed and enjoyed being under the covers this cold morning, until my human was done in the bathroom, doing all those things she does to make herself look beautiful. You know, I think that she is always beautiful, even when she first wakes up in the morning. I even like her breath, which she says is bad. How can breath be bad? Don't we need to breathe to live?

Anyway, after she got all gussied up, off she went in the car, and I headed for the heat vent upstairs. I love sleeping near the heat vent during the winter. She said she would be right back. She always tells me that when she leaves. She must know that it makes me feel safer to know she will come back to take care of me.

She went to see her therapist. That's what she calls her. She goes there to experience what it's like to be closer to herself. I'm glad she goes there, because she is also learning how to be closer to me and others whom she loves in her life. She says that she is becoming clearer and clearer about who she is and what she wants. She calls this awakening, like when I'm asleep, sometimes it takes me awhile to wake up. Sometimes, I don't want to wake up and so I will do all that I can to keep from waking up. But my Mistress says, that it's important for her to wake up in order to be present in her life. Imagine, sleeping away one's life. She says that that happens. Wow, that doesn't sound like fun.

She also talks about living in the moment. She says that she sometimes gets caught up in thinking about the past or the future and misses out on this moment. She says that she is living more in the moment now than she used to. I'm glad to hear that. I sure wouldn't like it if she was mentally asleep and forgot to feed me or take me out to the grass. Boy, would that be something. I notice that she often looks directly into my eyes and gives me a command or tells me how wonderful I am, so she seems pretty awake to me. Thank goodness for that.

After seeing her therapist, she headed to the art store in Berkeley. For some reason she thought she had to go there by going on hwy 880, which was very crowded with trucks and cars, instead of going there on hwy 580. She got a bit confused, but found her way to the art store and then came home the better way on hwy 580.

She had such a great time at the art store. There are so many things to buy for creating art that are so much fun. She got some paper that she wanted to get and then bought a few other fun things and headed back toward home, stopping buy to see an art show downtown before coming home to me.

I ran down the stairs like crazy, when I heard her coming into the house. I was so happy to see her, I couldn't help but wiggle all over the place. She took me out to the grass and then fed me my food...mmmmmm so good. Tonight she took some time to hold me in her arms. It felt so heavenly. She called me her baby and told me that she would always take care of me and that there was nothing to fear, not even cameras. She stroked my head and said how much she loved me. Wow, I love those awakened moments. I feel so peaceful and happy.

I'm sleeping now, on my bed. My human is so nice to type up my blog post for today. After she does that, she to going to prepare the new paper she bought in order to start a painting tomorrow. Boy,I can hardly wait to see what she paints.

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chewy the pug said...

i know what you mean about all those pictures mommy puts me in all different things every day and makes me pose me to be honest i love getting my picture taken just not all the time and i always get hugs and treats in the end so its worth it