Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cong Hei Fat Choi !!!!...

So, my human didn't get a chance to write on my blog last night. She was busy holding me. She held me for the longest time. I'm the luckiest Pug in the world.

Today, she took off bright and early to meet some of her qi gong classmates at the BART station to go over to San Francisco and meet up and do the form with the San Francisco group. They ended up doing the form at the Justin Herman Plaza, near the Ferry Building. The weather was bright and sunny and a perfect temperature.

She said it really felt good to do the form outside in that location, with the beautiful blue sky above. She said it was a wonderful experience.

They did the form twice after doing some exercises first. Then they headed toward Chinatown, where the leader of the group, Lawrence, grew up. He had lots of stories to tell about his times, living in Chinatown. He led everyone to a really nice dim sum restaurant, the City View on Commercial St. My human said the food was different from what she normally eats, but she liked it and enjoyed the company.

Here are a couple of photos that my human took in Chinatown. The Chinese New Years parade is next weekend. Notice the dragon heads behind them. She said that they heard a lot of fire crackers today.

Then they all walked, as a group, back down to the Ferry Building, as there was a Farmer's Market down there. It was packed with people on this Saturday morning. After awhile, my human's knees began to hurt from all of the walking. Also, she wasn't really interested in buying anything at the Farmer's Market. She says that she really enjoyed getting to know these new people, Jan, Peggy, Bob, Debra and Jerry. She already kind of knew Lawrence from going to the practices he leads. Everyone was so very nice and enjoyable to be around. She came home feeling like she had made some new friends.

She took me for a short walk, after she got home, but, of course, her legs were tired, so we didn't go too far. Tonight we have just hung out here at home, my human relaxing from a long day and me relaxing, because that's what I do best. I did take a quick run around the room for a few minutes. After being cooped up all day, I felt like I needed to run a bit. I am now snoring away, as my human writes this blog post.

The moral of the story is that we not pass up the chance to allow ourselves pleasure. Life has so much to give, if only we are willing to receive. Cong Hei Fat Choi !!!!

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