Monday, February 7, 2011

Who'd have thought, we are Tweeting on Twitter....

So the biggest news of the day is that I'm on Twitter...never thought the day would come. In between cleaning and shopping for her big shin dig tomorrow with her watercolor friends, my human signed us up on Twitter.

I Tweeted Josie. She is a black poodle that's as cute as can be. She moved to San Francisco several months ago, but now it's so exciting, because now we can Tweet one another.

Here is a very adorable photo that my human uploaded onto Twitter, to be my profile photo. I just love it. She didn't have time today to write a short bio, but she will one of these days very soon. She has already played around with the design of my profile page. It looks great. I love it that my human is such a great techie!

On the side panel of my blog here, you can find a link to my Twitter home page, if you'd like to take a look and maybe tweet me. I don't know how many of my friends are on Twitter, so I have only Tweeted Josie, so far.

My human spent most of the day cleaning and setting up the table for her meeting tomorrow with her watercolor friends. Not only is she hosting the meeting, but she is also going to give a demo on using Facebook and on participating in the group's blog. Click here to see their blog. The name of the group is The Watercolor Connection, but in reality, they are all getting caught up in doing mixed media, using collage. It really doesn't matter, they are all a talented bunch of women, so whatever they create will be worth seeing.

My human is just about ready for them all to arrive. We are going to go to bed soon, as she wants to get up early and get a few more things done in the morning. I'm happy about that. There's nothing I enjoy more than sleeping with my human. Lately, when she has been staying up so late, I have been heading for the bedroom and yelping until she comes and puts me up onto the bed. That's right, I can't jump onto the bed. It's too high. So she sweetly lifts me up onto the bed and then goes back to whatever she is doing and joins me later. We've got it all worked out, so that we each get our way.

So that's about it for tonight. Look for me on Twitter!!!

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