Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You won, Bella. You won!!!

So, tonight I was busy having my nightly chew on some rawhide, when I heard a scream of joy coming from my human, who was sitting at her computer. She jumped up and came over to me and began repeating over and over, "You won, Bella. You won." She looked so happy and excited, I couldn't help but look up.

You can see how puzzled I look. I couldn't imagine what in the world I had won. I don't even know what winning is or what it feels like.

Then she explained that on November 13, 2010, she and I had gone to a Pug meetup group at Point Isabel. My boyfriend Billy came with us, along with his human. While we were there, we met Puglet and his human, along with his roommate, Dutch, which is this big, beautiful dalmatian. His human was busy taking lots of pictures, with a really nice Nikon camera. My human approached her and said something, she can't remember what, and Puglet's human said that she was taking pictures for Puglet's blog called the Daily Puglet. My human, liking to read blogs, made a note of the name of the blog in her head.

Here is a photo of me with my human at the Pug Meetup.

At some point, my human had started following Puglet's blog, reading it now and then. Around the first of February, she was reading his blog and noticed that most of the comments were being made by other Pugs from other blogs. She started looking at some of the other Pug blog sites. Then she got the hare brained idea to have me start this blog. Well, as it turns out, it wasn't such a hare brained idea after all.

On Februay 11th, my human was reading Puglet's blog and saw that there was a contest going on to win the Bubba Rose cookie cookbook for dogs. All she had to do was to have me leave a message on the blog, and there would be a randomized drawing on Valentine's Day. This was how Puglet was going to bring a little love to one of his Pug followers. So I left a message.

Tonight after my human came home from having helped a friend with her computer, she began to read her e-mail and there was a message from Chewy congratulating me for winning the cookbook. Chewy is a cute Pug puppy, who likes to eat yogurt. Her blog is on my Pug Blog List. So anyway, that's when my human jumped up and came over to tell me that I had won. Here I am again, just before she told me.

I love chewing a bone or rawhide on my favorite blanket. The wind has been blowing like crazy tonight, and I feel so warm on my blanket.

So anyway, Puglet's human is going to mail us the cookbook. I can hardly wait to taste one of those cookies. My human has never cooked for me, let alone baked for me. This will be quite the big deal, for her to make me some cookies.

She told me that she has had such a happy day today, seeing her Coda friends this morning, for a meeting, then seeing her therapist and realizing that she is progressing at becoming more loving toward herself and others and then having fun helping her friend get onto the Watercolor Connection blog. She said that she has had a full day, and it was topped off by my winning the Bubba Rose cookie cookbook. Life is good.

2 comments: said...

Hey Bella,
Love the rawhide picture. You are so cute!

Congratulations on winning the Bubba Rose cookbook. You'll have to tell us all about the cookies your human makes from it.

I am so jealous you got to meet Puglet. Isn't he the most handsomest pug you've ever met? *swoon*


Bella Mia said...

yes, Sabrina, Puglet is a hunk. I will definitely be talking about the cookies, once my human gets some made. Can hardly wait!
Double licks to you,