Friday, March 18, 2011

Basic instinct....

You might remember that when Mommy and I visited the Family, there was a foster dog named Pumpkin, who was there. She is a golden Labrador. While we were there, she was adopted by another family, which made me feel very happy. Well, as it turned out, the other family decided not to keep Pumpkin, so she came back to the Family's house.

Then what happened was, that while the Family was out last Saturday night, Pumpkin broke down the barrier to the upstairs and made her way into the bedrooms. Each of the girls in the Family have pet rats. Pumpkin broke into their cages and killed them and then ate them. It's hard to believe, I know, but that's what happened. Mom says that there was lots of blood left behind. Yuk!

Hearing about this has made me feel so sad. I know how it is to be a dog. I get really hungry sometimes, even if I've just had some food. I don't know why that happens, but it does. Food means so much to me. I know that my Labrador friends love to hunt. They can sniff out almost any animal. It's their basic instinct. Lots of humans like this about Labradors. So I'm thinking Pumpkin was just being a Labrador, just like I'm being a Pug.

Needless to say, this was very upsetting for the Family. The youngest girl had the hardest time. She stayed home from school until last Tuesday and couldn't sleep alone for a few nights. Mom says that when children love their pets, it's very scary for them, when something happens to them. She says she knows because she has had first hand experience, from when she was a little girl.

The Family has decided not to foster any more dogs. Still, I know how much some of my fellow dogs need foster homes, and Mommy says she doesn't think that these kind of things happen very often. So, I hope you dog lovers out there don't let this story interfere with your fostering a dog that is waiting for a forever home.

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