Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gadding about town...

So yesterday, Mom and I went together to the Farmer's Market. The market wouldn't let me in, because I'm a dog. Can you imagine that? Talk about discrimination. So anyway, Mom left me in the car, while she went around to the booths and bought some vegetables and fruit. Then she came back to the car and got me.

Sometimes I don't know what to expect from her. She seems to always catch me off guard. This time she put me in this contraption, that looks kind of like a space ship or something like that. Who'd have thought anything like that would ever happen. Anyway, the good part was that she pushed me around in it and bought some chicken on a skewer. She sat down at a table, and we listened to some really nice music. The surprise was that she shared some chicken with me. She is such a sweetheart, sharing with me. She never gives me any human food at home, but I guess because we were outside in the sunshine and the music was playing. It must have softened her heart or something.

Here's a photo of me in this new contraption. I think Mom called it "CART." I'm not really sure if she was telling me it's name or what it is. I'm thinking she meant it's name.
It made me feel kind of nervous, sitting in CART. So at first, I tried to get out of it.
Mom had strapped her bag over CART'S handle, and here I am trying to look at her over the top of it.
Here I am receiving some lovin' from a really nice girl, who seemed to love Pugs.

After we were done eating that scrumptious chicken, Mom took me over to the library, which was just across the street, so I could play in the grass. I really like grass, and this grass was so nice and long. Rolling in it sent me into ecstasy.

There was a beautiful magnolia tree there too. Mom got a nice shot of me standing under the tree.
After that, Mom put me back into CART, and we walked around town for awhile. I have to admit, I like CART. I'm thinking that we could become buddies. As I moved along in it, I felt safer and safer and found myself looking around at all of the people and other dogs and flowers and everything.

Then since that all turned out so well, today Mom took me to a store, and I rode in CART, and got to look at all of the stuff in the store. Mom was looking for some yarn, that she didn't find, but we still had fun. She says that now that I'm getting used to CART, she will take me more places, maybe even into a Mall. Boy, would that be something. I get super scared of walking on shiny floors in strange places, so maybe CART is the answer. I also don't like to be left at home alone so much or in the car. I'm really the kind of Pug that likes to gad about town, if you know what I mean.


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Bella you are so cute in CART. I ride in CART too but it looks different than yours. We like yours since it lets you be close to the ground. My CART kinda scares me but since I don't walk much it helps.

Have fun with CART cutie pie!

Tuni Woons

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Sweet Bella
I do know what you mean. You like to be with your mama, and you like to be where the action is.
You are so beautiful. My moms could shower you with kissys.
Your photo in the blossoms is so precious.
Blogger ate my other comment,- so I came back