Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It was a tail wagging day...

Hello Everybody - Boy, have I had a tail wagging day today. Let me tell you all about it.

It all started because it's been so cold and rainy outside. So, night before last, when I got scared by the shadow of the chair against the closet door, I couldn't stop barking. Mommy kept telling me to stop, but I couldn't. After all, it's my duty to guard this house that we are living in. Who else is here to do it? She finally opened the closet door and the shadow disappeared, like a ghost or something. So finally, I was able to calm down. I think I got over excited because I've been spending too much time cooped up in this house.

Last night, it was still cold, but light outside, and Mom and I took a ride in the car. That was fun until she got out of the car and left me. She went into some big building called Costco. Man, that just scares me to death, when she leaves me. I barked and whined and pawed at her, so much so, that she could hardly get out of the car. I don't see me ever getting over that habit. Still, I felt happy getting out of the house.

So today, Mom must have thought that I really needed to get out and run around. The weather was a bit warmer and there was no rain, so we went to the dog park. That is my absolute favorite place to go. There are tons of human dog lovers there, who pick me up and pet me, to the point that I get so excited and happy, I almost wiggle out of my skin!

I also had a ball with all of the dogs that were there. Normally, there are just small dogs on my side of the park, but today there were some big ones. I like big dogs. There's something very exciting about running behind a big dog. So I ran and ran. Then my other Pug friends showed up, Gucci and Fabio. I loooove Gucci's Mom. She always brings treats, and even though I am watching my figure, Mom lets her give me some small treats. It's not like I get treats every day or anything.

The ground was damp, and I loved getting dirt all over my feet and, of course, on my face and tongue. When I smell along the ground, my tongue just drags along behind my nose. The big dogs dug some holes, and I had a blast sniffing in those holes.

Mom hangs out with the humans at the park. They seem to talk and talk. She says they are a nice bunch of people, those dog lovers. She seems to become more and more relaxed, as we spend time there.

Pretty soon, I was all pooped out after running with those big dogs. They have such long legs. Anyway, I finally just sat down next to Mom, who was standing. She says, "are you ready to go home. I guess if you are sitting down, it's time for us to go home," and off we went, with Mom waving goodbye to all of those friendly dog lovers.

After we got home, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I ended up falling asleep near the heater vent. That's my favorite place on a cold night. Then all of a sudden, Mom gets up from her computer. She picks me up and heads for the bathroom. That can only mean one thing, she is going to give me a bath. She plopped me into the huge white thing, that she calls the tub. Then she jumps in with me. She lathered me up, with all kinds of sweet smelling bubbly stuff. Boy, did that feel good. She rubs and rubs me. It's like I'm getting a professional massage.

After I got out of the tub, I felt like playing. Mom can kind of tell when I want to play. I start running around. She threw a toy for me that makes a squeaky sound. That always gets to me. I began running like crazy back and forth and all around. She calls that my "Pug Run." She laughs and laughs and claps her hands, which just gets me going even more. Pretty soon, I'm standing there panting and panting. I can hardly believe I ran so fast. She throws the toy again, and I'm so pooped that I just look at the toy across the room, but I can't seem to get my legs to move. So I just plop down on the floor to rest. Boy that was fun, and now I'm ready to sleep.

So you see, it was a tail wagging day, alright. I got to go to the dog park and get a bath in the same day. I'm such happy Pug. Yes, siree, I am.

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Tweedles -- that's me said...

I loved hearing about your day. I could sit and listen to you all day long. Your so lucky to have friends at the park. And your mom is lucky too. I know what it is like to get tired,, and then I also know what it feels like to want to go home.
You are so smart to go lie by the heater. Doesn't that feel sooo good? I know your all squeaky clean now after your bath. I think your mama makes your bath so fun.
Thank you for sharing your day.