Monday, March 7, 2011

We visited the Family...

Oh my goodness, it's been awhile since I wrote to you. Between the trip to visit the Family and my Mom coming home with a cold/allergy, I haven't been able to get her to type on my blog for me, to tell you about our adventures.

I think I told you last time that the Family had four dogs and that one of them was in foster care, whose name was Pumpkin. Well, on Saturday Pumpkin got adopted. I was so exited for her to have a forever home. She was really nice and calm and seemed to like me. She had recently had puppies, and she looked kind of skinny. I heard that the family she went to has two small children and a big backyard, with a swimming pool. Labs love to swim, so that will be great for her.

Another thing that happened on Saturday is that I spent some time out in the backyard of the Family's house. There were some strange looking animals out there. They reminded me of the turkeys that I sometimes see near my house. One time there were a good dozen of them just outside our door.

Here I am taking a look at them. Luckily they were fenced up and couldn't get to me.

Later Mom told me that they are called chickens. She said that their names are Olive and Jane. They made kind of a purring sound, which didn't seem to fit their appearance. They were friendly enough, though, so I didn't bark at them or anything like that.

Mom sat out in the back yard, while I was out there and here is a close up photo she took of me. If you look closely at my eye, you can see her holding the camera.

That's pretty strange isn't it? My eyes are very reflective, I guess. Although, I'm not really sure what that means. It's just a word that Mom used.

While I was on our trip, Mom gave me several dog cookies that she had baked. So now, I'm having to cut back some on my food. She is pretty strict about my diet, but that's because she loves me so much and wants me to live a long time. She's giving me some carrots instead of cookies for treats. Actually, I like them a lot!

Mom seemed to have a great time visiting the Family. They have some tall teenage kids and a tall pre-teen girl. There was a little birthday party on Saturday night to celebrate the March birthdays. Mom's birthday is in March and the teenage boy just turned 16 and his Mom has her birthday near the end of the month. So all of the humans ate some chocolate cake.

Mom says she will NEVER give me chocolate. She said that dogs can die from eating chocolate. I'm so glad that she takes such good care of me and won't give me something that would cause me to die. Still, it looked like the humans really liked that cake, and deep down, I wanted some.

I got really tired out by all of the commotion in the Family's house, with all of the dogs and humans. I slept all the way home in the car yesterday and have slept most of today. I'm used to it just being Mom and me together in a house, and I like that very much.

I sure am grateful for my Mom and all the fun we had over the weekend. Our life together is so wonderful. I'm a happy Pug.

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Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Bella
I enjoyed hearing about your weekend so much.. I have never seen chickens either. I do not know what I would do if I saw one. I have seen seagulls and pigeons, and crows and little birds , but no chickens.
Oh Bella you do have reflective eyes,, and you are so beautiful. Your mama takes nice photos of you. I understand what you mean when you say your mama wants to keep you nice and trim so you stay healthy,, my moms feel the same way.
Thank you for sharing your adventures with us