Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hello everyone. Here I am in my new Easy Walk harness. It seems to be making walking easier, and since it arrived on Wednesday, Mommy has been taking me out on POWER WALKS.

Now, I do like to walk, but these POWER WALKS are different. It used to be that Mom would kind of stroll along with me, and I'd have plenty of opportunity to pick up cigarette butts and other stuff off of the ground. I also could sniff at anything any time I wanted. But it's different now that I'm going on these POWER WALKS.

An example was this morning. Mommy first walked me slowly, where she usually walks me when I do my duty. It was first thing in the morning, so that's what I did. Then she kind of picked up speed and had me walk right next to her. She kept telling me what a "good girl" I was. I liked hearing that. Can you believe it? These POWER WALKS last for 30 minutes.

We've only gone on two POWER WALKS so far. Mom says that she wants us to walk about every other day. Well, you know, I've got to say, that I'm kind of liking them. I get a bit tuckered out, but it feels kind of good having my little legs moving along like the big dogs. I'm really pretty good at this. And, you know, some people say that Pugs can't learn to walk on a leash! Boy, they don't know what they are talking about.

Ever so often on these walks, I try to get Mom to stop, so I can sniff something, but she says that this is our practice time and there's no stopping during practice time. So I guess that's that.

Anyway, I'm happy with my new harness and so is Mom. Here's a standing photo of me with my harness on.

You can probably tell that I still don't like to get my picture taken.

On another subject. According to Mom, tomorrow is a special day called Easter. She said that it is a time to celebrate Spring and rebirth. I've noticed some flowers are blooming and the grass is nice and green. Guess, that's what she means by rebirth. Lots of living things are blossoming at this time of the year.

She also said that there is a story that lots of people will be telling tomorrow, about a man named Jesus. She said that he had the courage to let go of his earthly ego mind and resurrect his mind into Christ consciousness, which gave him the awareness of the reality of eternal LIFE. He then became known as Jesus the Christ. She said that by moving ones mind away from the ego world and into the Spiritual world, one becomes unconditional LOVE, the Christ, the Enlightened One. She said that having the awareness of the reality of eternal life sets us FREE. Now, I'd say that that's something to celebrate.

I'm thinking that maybe dogs already know this stuff and that they are already unconditional LOVE. Don't you agree?

Mom and I are going to celebrate Easter together. All of our family will be elsewhere. Mom will probably go to her church to celebrate, and when she gets home, maybe she will take me to the Dog Park so I can celebrate Easter. I sure would like that. Guess, I'll have to wait and see what happens.

Anyway, I'm a happy Pug. I have a brand new harness and can go on POWER WALKS, and now I know that I am FREE. There's lots to be grateful for this Spring.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Houdini escape...

Hello all of my dear friends. Tuni, I want to thank you for reminding my Mommy about the Easy Walk harness. She had looked at it in the past, but couldn't find the right size in the pet stores. So let me tell you all what has happened.

On about the third day that I wore the SCARY collar, I managed to wiggle my way out of it. This is one of my talents, escaping out of collars. My small head helps me to be good at escaping. I'm kind of like that Harry Houdini guy of long ago.

Look at how tied up he is in these photos. That's about how I felt when I was wearing that training collar. It was more like his Chinese water torture cell, that he would escape from. He also learned how to escape from strait jackets. I know that if I had known him, he could have taught me how to do all of that. After all, I'm a natural in escaping from collars.

So anyway, Mom did some soul searching. She admitted to me that she really didn't like to use that SCARY collar. So she returned it to the pet shop. Then off we went to Petsmart.

They had a really cute PINK Easy Walk harness, that I wanted, but it only came in Small, Medium or Large. Small was too small and Medium was too big. As it turns out, I'm a tween size, small/medium.

You know, my Mom is so smart. I just love the way she does research to find things. She got on that computer and searched and searched. She found a RED Easy Walk harness in small/medium, that she has ordered from Amazon. Here's a photo.

Turns out, Amazon didn't have a PINK one. I had kind of wanted a PINK harness, because then it would match my tongue. I look good in PINK. Of course, I look good in RED too, so I think I will be happy with my new harness.

I'm such a lucky Pug. By using my Houdini escape talents, I managed to let my Mommy know that that SCARY collar wasn't going go work for me. I'm also lucky to have my friends, whose comments caused my Mommy to pause and open her eyes to an alternative way of teaching me how to walk on a leash.

Again, I am a happy Pug.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From fighting each other to harmony...

Okay, now look at this photo. Isn't that the scariest thing you have ever seen? I first saw it at the pet store, where they sell all kinds of fun things for dogs like me. They sell balls and squeaky toys, in all kinds of colors. They sell beautiful collars and harnesses and leashes. They even sell dog food and, most of all, they sell TREATS. But do you think that my Mom got me any of those wonderful things? No siree. She got me that thing that's in the picture.

Earlier in the day, she had had a talk with me. She seemed kind of upset, as she explained that she had to do something about the way I walked on a leash. She said that the harnesses, she had bought for me, just were not working. She said that I still kept pulling on my leash and yanking on her arm. She told me that she was just plain tired of me walking her, instead of her walking me.

Now grant you, I enjoy having power over my Mom. I love it, when I see another dog and start running, as I'm walking on my leash, and end up yanking on my Mom's arm. It also feels good, when I see another human and am so excited to get a pat on the head or a cuddle, that I take off toward that human, catching my Mom off guard and pulling her behind me. BUT, deep down, I know that I'm a DOG and that I would be happier if she were my ALPHA DOG.

So while we were in the pet store, Mom explained that she wanted to try this training collar, to see if it might help me get used to her pace, when we are walking, instead of her having to get used to mine. I know that Mom loves me and wants the best for me, but still, that training collar looked really menacing to me. It looked like I could really get hurt wearing that.

Mom reassured me that she would make sure that I didn't get hurt. She said she would just lightly tug on the collar, whenever I started walking too fast or lagging behind or starting to chase another dog or trying to run over to another human. She told me that she wants to be able to take me more places and to walk me at some parks, where there are lots of people and other dogs. She said she didn't want it to feel like we were fighting each other. Instead, she said she would like to see us walking in HARMONY.

I had to admit to myself, and I showed her in my eyes, that I really didn't know how to do that walking in HARMONY stuff. I felt bad that at three years old, I still didn't know how to walk on a leash, the way I had often seen other dogs walking. So I gazed into her eyes, and in so doing, I let her know that I was ready to LEARN.

After we got home, I reluctantly let her put the training collar around my neck. It felt really heavy, and I immediately felt less powerful. Yet I felt trusting of my dear Mom.

I have worn the collar for two days now. I really am noticing that, when Mom wants to take me in a certain direction, she just gives the collar a little tug, and boy do I move, lickety split in that direction. I'm also walking slower, at her pace. She quickly pulls me away from things on the ground, that I see as food, but that she sees as things that may make me sick.

So anyway, I'm starting to see myself as a real DOG, not more than a DOG, nor less than a DOG. I realize that I'm not the ALPHA DOG. It's kind of a relief. It's like surrendering to a Power greater than myself, a Power who loves and takes care of me. I'm so grateful for my Mom, who is now taking more responsibility for teaching me how to be a well mannered dog. I know that, in the long run, living in HARMONY with her will bring me more happiness, than when I was living in the illusion of being the ALPHA DOG.
I want to thank all of you Pugs and Humans and that Poodle, who have commented on my blog. Your kind comments have warmed my little Puggy heart. Thanks to DW, Susan, Wilma, Tiffy, Little Janie Pug, Josie Poodle, Minnie Moo, Molly, Tweedles, Camille, Chewy, Sequoia, Petunia, Sabrina and Puglet. I also want to thank those who are following my blog. I am happy that my voice is being heard!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I visited the BOYS...

So, tonight I've been cuddling with Mommy. I think you can see in my eyes how much I love her, and I know she loves me. She tells me so. We are good for each other.

Well, after all of the rain finally stopped, Mom and I went up into the mountains to see the three BOYS! What a ball I had playing with them, wrestling with them and cuddling with them. They are just the BEST. That's for sure, yes siree.

Here's a photo of the two older BOYS playing with their X-Box. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but they sure do like to play with it. I kept hearing them laughing and hooting and howlering. They were really whooping it up and having a good ole time.
If you look closely, you can see the snow outside. There were patches of snow everywhere, but I didn't care. I actually liked it. I walked right in it. No problem! Guess, I've out grown my fear of snow.
Here's the youngest boy playing with his Legos. He can build all kinds of things with those little plastic squares. I kept nosing around on the floor and finding them in all the nooks and crannies of the room. I'm a natural hunter, you know. Pugs can hunt just like those Beagles and Pointers. Yes, we can.

Lately, Mom has been taking me to the Dog Park, and then after that, we've been going over to the school next to the park. There is a track there, where school kids do running or something, and a bunch of grass in the middle of it. Anyway, I love to go over there and run like the wind. It's so much fun. Mom walks around the track, and the best part is that she brings treats for me. When I head for the gate that has a huge gap at the bottom, that I keep wanting to go through, she calls me and yells "TREATS." Boy, do I come running back to her in no time. I LOVE those treats.

I run so fast that I get pretty winded and my tongue nearly drags on the ground. When that happens, Mom takes me over to the drinking fountain, that's for humans. She turns some kind of knob or something and lots of water comes out. She holds me up and I drink and drink. I get soooo thirsty when I run. Then after we get home, I just flop down and fall asleep. I'm a goner for the rest of the day.

I'm such a happy Pug. I have BOYS in my life and a Mommy, who takes REALLY good care of me. I'm living the good life!