Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Houdini escape...

Hello all of my dear friends. Tuni, I want to thank you for reminding my Mommy about the Easy Walk harness. She had looked at it in the past, but couldn't find the right size in the pet stores. So let me tell you all what has happened.

On about the third day that I wore the SCARY collar, I managed to wiggle my way out of it. This is one of my talents, escaping out of collars. My small head helps me to be good at escaping. I'm kind of like that Harry Houdini guy of long ago.

Look at how tied up he is in these photos. That's about how I felt when I was wearing that training collar. It was more like his Chinese water torture cell, that he would escape from. He also learned how to escape from strait jackets. I know that if I had known him, he could have taught me how to do all of that. After all, I'm a natural in escaping from collars.

So anyway, Mom did some soul searching. She admitted to me that she really didn't like to use that SCARY collar. So she returned it to the pet shop. Then off we went to Petsmart.

They had a really cute PINK Easy Walk harness, that I wanted, but it only came in Small, Medium or Large. Small was too small and Medium was too big. As it turns out, I'm a tween size, small/medium.

You know, my Mom is so smart. I just love the way she does research to find things. She got on that computer and searched and searched. She found a RED Easy Walk harness in small/medium, that she has ordered from Amazon. Here's a photo.

Turns out, Amazon didn't have a PINK one. I had kind of wanted a PINK harness, because then it would match my tongue. I look good in PINK. Of course, I look good in RED too, so I think I will be happy with my new harness.

I'm such a lucky Pug. By using my Houdini escape talents, I managed to let my Mommy know that that SCARY collar wasn't going go work for me. I'm also lucky to have my friends, whose comments caused my Mommy to pause and open her eyes to an alternative way of teaching me how to walk on a leash.

Again, I am a happy Pug.


Cheryl said...

Being a Pug mom is hard work is being a Boston Mom, good luck

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Bella oh you are an escapee puggy! We had no idea....Sequoia is one too! She can pretty much wiggles out of any collar/harness. We are glad you found a harness that fits..its hard with us small head large chest pugs. Too bad no pink...we just love that cute tounge of yours! We think red will look pretty next to your dark ears sweetie.

Good luck this time around

Hugs Tuni

Cheryl said...

I have a Boston Terrier, same problem! The Easy Walk is the best thing we have come across yet!

p.s. my girl is named Bella as well! Bella Sue to be exact :)

Bella Mia said...

Cheryl - yes, I can't wait to try out my Easy Walk should arrive this week. Give Bella Sue a lick from Auntie had a Pug called Curly Sue...Luv, Bella Mia

Tiffy said...

I have recently started to wiggle out of my harnesses and it freaks Momma out. I'm a runner and Momma is afraid that - well, you know what she's afraid of. I'm going to tell her about this Easy Walk harness because she's at her wit's end. Thanks, Bella Mia!


Schnauzer Days said...

Hiya Bella, so pleased you found a harness you like, and red's a good colour. We have 3 pugs living near us, they're very cheeky chappies - nice to meet you, Dex and Louis x