Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hello everyone. Here I am in my new Easy Walk harness. It seems to be making walking easier, and since it arrived on Wednesday, Mommy has been taking me out on POWER WALKS.

Now, I do like to walk, but these POWER WALKS are different. It used to be that Mom would kind of stroll along with me, and I'd have plenty of opportunity to pick up cigarette butts and other stuff off of the ground. I also could sniff at anything any time I wanted. But it's different now that I'm going on these POWER WALKS.

An example was this morning. Mommy first walked me slowly, where she usually walks me when I do my duty. It was first thing in the morning, so that's what I did. Then she kind of picked up speed and had me walk right next to her. She kept telling me what a "good girl" I was. I liked hearing that. Can you believe it? These POWER WALKS last for 30 minutes.

We've only gone on two POWER WALKS so far. Mom says that she wants us to walk about every other day. Well, you know, I've got to say, that I'm kind of liking them. I get a bit tuckered out, but it feels kind of good having my little legs moving along like the big dogs. I'm really pretty good at this. And, you know, some people say that Pugs can't learn to walk on a leash! Boy, they don't know what they are talking about.

Ever so often on these walks, I try to get Mom to stop, so I can sniff something, but she says that this is our practice time and there's no stopping during practice time. So I guess that's that.

Anyway, I'm happy with my new harness and so is Mom. Here's a standing photo of me with my harness on.

You can probably tell that I still don't like to get my picture taken.

On another subject. According to Mom, tomorrow is a special day called Easter. She said that it is a time to celebrate Spring and rebirth. I've noticed some flowers are blooming and the grass is nice and green. Guess, that's what she means by rebirth. Lots of living things are blossoming at this time of the year.

She also said that there is a story that lots of people will be telling tomorrow, about a man named Jesus. She said that he had the courage to let go of his earthly ego mind and resurrect his mind into Christ consciousness, which gave him the awareness of the reality of eternal LIFE. He then became known as Jesus the Christ. She said that by moving ones mind away from the ego world and into the Spiritual world, one becomes unconditional LOVE, the Christ, the Enlightened One. She said that having the awareness of the reality of eternal life sets us FREE. Now, I'd say that that's something to celebrate.

I'm thinking that maybe dogs already know this stuff and that they are already unconditional LOVE. Don't you agree?

Mom and I are going to celebrate Easter together. All of our family will be elsewhere. Mom will probably go to her church to celebrate, and when she gets home, maybe she will take me to the Dog Park so I can celebrate Easter. I sure would like that. Guess, I'll have to wait and see what happens.

Anyway, I'm a happy Pug. I have a brand new harness and can go on POWER WALKS, and now I know that I am FREE. There's lots to be grateful for this Spring.


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Power walks how great! I go for a walk around our neighborhood and I love it too. Tuni trys to walk with us but sadly she falls alot and gets really tired so Mom carrys her with us. She wants to ensure Tuni still gets an adventure though. You look great in your new harness too. I hope you get to go to the park this Easter...I am hoping to walk the block after blogging. Have fun Bella and happy Spring to you both.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am so happy that you got that new harness.
I think it will make your walks more fun for both you and your mom.
Red looks nice on you!! I hope you have fun at the park.
Happy Easter

Josie Poodle said...

Tell your mom that if she let the nice ladies at the dog park give you treats, you wouldn't be eating cigarette butts! (You can pay me later for posting this comment - hee hee) xoxo

dw said...

Hi Bella! Power walks can be great exercise, both for you and your mom! Springtime sure gives us a lot to celebrate and a lot to be thankful for, doesn't it? Hope you had a great Easter!!

Wilma said...

Hi Bella Mia,
The Sunflower ice cream social is in full swing! Hope to hear from you! We are having a blast!