Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Mom...

Here are some photos of me at the Dog Park. The man in the photos is Christian. All the dogs just LOVE him. He makes me swoon. He talks to me very softly and wrestles around with me....

I really love to go to the Dog Park. I like to pace around with my fellow dogs and, of course, there's nothing like sniffing around.

On this day, I totally surprised my Mom. I got into a fight with a min pin named Jasmine, who was trying to get something out of my mouth, that I pick up off the ground. Boy, did I ever get angry, and we both got to biting at each other. My Mom, who protects me from getting hurt, immediately picked me up and stopped the fight.

She had never seen me fight like that. She was so shocked to find out that I would do that. She keeps forgetting that I'm really a dog. For some reason, she thinks I'm more than a dog. Guess I become more of a dog, when I'm with my canine friends.

Mom has also been changing the way she feeds me. She read something by a man called the Dog Whisperer, whoever he is. Anyway, now she tells me to sit, and then I have to look into her eyes before she will feed me. Imagine that! I am catching on pretty quickly, and I'm feeling really smart, but still, I have those times when I don't want to sit. She then doesn't feed me, so eventually, I have to sit. I guess she is the Alpha person.

I'm feeling really happy. We had some nice sunny days, that I loved, but today was very cool and there may be rain tomorrow on Mother's Day. I'm going to try to give my Mom a day when I mind her at her first command, so she doesn't have to say, "sit, Bella sit, sit Bella.... Not sure I'll be able to give that to her, but I'll give it a try.