Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Pugs of August Soiree coming soon...

So I'm starting to think about "The Pugs of August" soiree. This year it is on August 20th. A very nice man in Hillsbourgh invites all the Pugs and Pug owners he can think of to visit with each other at his house, in his huge backyard. It's the most fun that any Pug can imagine. There are usually about 100 pugs at this bash.

The reason I have to think ahead about this is that there are contests and fashion shows at the Pugs of August. Last year was the first year that I attended this celebration.
I only wore a pink ribbon on my harness. This year I want to dress up. I really don't know any tricks, and I didn't do very well in the race last year. My Mom had trouble finding me after the race. I don't think that I ran in a straight line either. As far as swimming goes, there's no way I'm jumping into that swimming pool. So it's important that I look good. After all, looking good goes a long way when a Pug like me doesn't really have much talent.

I'm more of a party animal anyway and I'm interested in socializing with the other Pugs and Pug owners and having fun. Those contests are just too stressful for me. Yet, it might be fun to join in the fashion show, just for fun.

These three Pug kings won first place in the fashion show last year.

So Mommy said she is going to look into making me an outfit to wear to the soiree, maybe a princess outfit or something like that. I like the idea of looking pretty!

So stay tuned.