Thursday, November 7, 2013


Today I am 6 years old. Boy, does time fly. I notice in these photos that there is some gray on my snout. I'm so happy to be here with you today to celebrate.

Since my Mommy had both of her knees replaced in 2011/2012 and spent some time in rehab facilities after each of them, she found out that there are people who really suffer. She was one of them. You can find suffering people in lots of places, but often in FACILITIES. After her ordeal in SNFs, she vowed to do something for the suffering people of the world or at least for those suffering in our town.

That has lead to me wearing my brand new vest. I am now a Therapy Dog. This is all very new and I had to go through a temperament test and some training. TODAY is my first day to go out to visit clients at a local facility for the mentally ill. I've heard that there are mainly young adults there. I can hardly wait to meet them. I feel like I have a new mission in life, not only to make my Mommy happy but to brighten up the lives of others who may be suffering. Now Mommy and I are a team and  our lives are all about giving love to those around us.

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